I know a boy about 9 years old. His parents are not together and I believe he lives with his father and step mother. His step mother and father work together and have to bring the boy to work with them, he sits at a table for 8 hours, sometimes with nothing to do and sometimes with homework. They ALWAYS yell at him and tell him he is stupid. His step mother tells everyone he steals, lies and doesn't listen to justify her behavior. I've worked with her for years and have never seen him talk back or talk at all for that matter. He seems like a really good kid he sits and the table and doesn't speak or move I don't even know he's there most of the time. Customers have asked about the boy and why hes always getting yelled at. I'm not sure if I should call cps or if this is acceptable behavior for a mother and father to do.

asked 12 Dec '12, 16:37

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Have you ever seen his Mother around? Does she ever have contact with the boy and is she aware of the situation? In my opinion almost nothing justifies that sort of behaviour towards a child and can surely cause long tern damage if left unattended. I would certainly take some sort action by trying to first contact the mother or other close family members if possible and then as you suggest children s protection services subsequently.


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I agree with Emi, being the one concerned of the boy's welfare, it is best to find a way to contact the mother or any close relative, in case you know about their whereabouts and tell them what is happening. Since you worked with the stepmom for years, maybe you have an idea about the boys family. If there is none, you may also talk to a social service in your area, and discuss this as a concerned citizen. Based from your story the boy is getting verbal abuse which will surely have a psychological effect on him. This needs to be treated early on, God forbid, these may lead to tragedy, if left untreated. Hope you can have the courage to help and stand out for the boy. He is helpless and nobody dares to help him out. Hope you can inform us of the developments. God bless.


answered 20 Dec '12, 18:31

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