Is it clapping hands? Smiling? Hugs and kisses? What is the best way to communicate to a one year old that they did a good job (what ever it was) and to reinforce this behavior without giving too many incentives (treats) to avoid getting them doing these things just for the rewards?

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My spouse HATES when I use this analogy: but a 1 year old can best appreciate the same things a dog can. Happy voices, physical affection, stimulation of the senses, time spent with them, anything that makes them physically feel good, and rewards (I know you said you don't want to go there, just making the point).

Clapping is common but see what their individual reaction is. Some love the noise, some hate it. Smiles, hugs and kisses, and happy voices are wonderful. If they like attention, see if you can get someone near to join in and heighten the reinforcement.


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I think Body language is the best way. The HUGE mommy and Daddy Smile, Huge hugs and use the word Proud They don't know what that that is but will relate it too Mom smiling High fives from Dad.


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All of those things sound good to me. Just paying extra attention is likely to be a reward in itself, and with explicit facial emotion as well, I'm sure your baby will get the message. Really big smiles, verbal praise, cuddles - all good. (Verbal praise is important even when they don't understand the actual words yet, as a lot is communicated through tone of voice.)


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I just generally make a really big deal over it - clapping, squealling with delight, lots of praise, etc and they get the picture pretty quickly. I never give treats as I feel this sends the wrong message but I don't think its possible to go overboard with emotional enthusiasm for a job well done when it comes to a kid.


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