When we have dinner, our daughter will sit on her chair for 1 minute, and then she will go up to desk and start to play with plates and forks and food and ...

When we want to watch film or TV, she cries and wants to watch cartoons.

When we want to go on the Internet and turn on the computer, she cries and wants to play with the keyboard and mouse.

When somebody calls us and starts the conversation, she cries and wants to speak with the person on the phone.

Our daughter is 19 months old and speaks with 10 words; other than that, she screams or cries.

More than half of our time is spent playing games with her.

We love her and everything she says, and we listen to her and pay attention to her.

Please help us and show us solutions as to how we can have a normal life.

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The way I would try to handle that is:

  1. Say "No, you can't do that."
  2. If they cry, say, "Crying won't help. Here's something else you can do..."
  3. If they continue crying, you can try distracting them with another activity, etc.
  4. If they still won't stop crying say, "If you don't stop crying, you'll get a timeout"
  5. Still crying... Say "I'm going to count to 3 and then you'll get a timeout."
  6. Start counting: "one.... two.... three." (Show your fingers counting as well.)
  7. If you get to 3 and they didn't stop, take them to the timeout spot, put them there, tell them they have to stay there for X minutes, where X is their age in years (1 minute for you).
  8. Set a timer for X minutes.
  9. Don't talk to them or interact, but if they get up, put them back. They might cry the whole time, but that's OK, it's not that long.
  10. When the X minutes is up, tell them "Ok, the timeout is done." Then give them some other activity to do.

By this time they'll have forgotten what they were crying about, but they'll learn that you're serious about following through on your threats, and that there's no point in arguing when you say something. Well, eventually...

The more you do this process, as long as it's consistent, the fewer steps it will take each time. Our 2-year old is very good at stopping crying exactly when you start counting and get to 2. It's amazing how much control they have when they want to... :)


answered 16 Feb '13, 09:20

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