My boyfriends son is 9 years old & has very severe behavioral problems he is a very violent child & he is very minipative & lies about some pretty serious things. The scariest thing is he knows how & when to turn this behavior on & off I cannot & will not allow my 2 other children to be alone with him because of inappropriate behavior that has happend in the past I have gotten to the point that I refuse to watch this child for my boyfriend because of his behavior & the last time I did watch him & I told him I was going to call & tell his father about his behavior he told me that he was just going to lie & say that he didn't do anything & that I better watch out because, "and I quote word for word" he would go to his school & lie to his teacher & tell her that I hit him & he would get me put in jail & I would get my kids taken away & I would never see them again. That's pretty scary for a 9 year old to even be able to think that way he also told me he was going to kill my baby that I am pregnant with. What makes all of this even worse is that his father " my boyfriend" falls for this & does nothing to get this child the help he clearly needs he told my 2 year old he was going to cut his neck off & when I confronted his father & him about it they blamed it on the violent video games they allow him to play. Ever since I refused to watch him anymore his father has sent him to his grandmothers house to live because nobody else will watch him now this is where the other big concern of mine comes from he is living in this home with not only his grandmother who is also extremely mentally unstable but his uncle as well his uncle is selling heroin out of the house & growing & selling pot out of the house as well the grandmother is fully aware in fact she is in on the sales & takes part of the drug money for her to keep quiet & allow it in her home recently the house was on the news for being robbed @ gun point for the so called medical marajuana but what the police didn't know is the heroin was also stollen from the home the child is living in this kind of environment & all the adults are fully aware he also is left alone after school in that home my question is what can I do? If I call c.p.s. will they be able to do anything? And can I stay truly anonamouse? Please give me some advise on what I can do

asked 23 Feb '13, 17:43

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If I were in the same situation I would refuse to have my children around this boy and contact child protective services. As to what they will do, that likely depends on the area you are calling from. I know that in Canada you can remain annonymous; however, I am not certain if this is the case in different states.


answered 25 Feb '13, 09:35

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