What has your child done that absolutely disarmed you when you were angry?

A family tradition is to have a "birthday plate" that you only get to eat off of on your birthday. These (a matching pair) have engraved over and over around the rim: I am special. After a long and escalated argument of the non-birthday girl trying to take down the 2nd plate to use on her sister's birthday, she went from angry to sad and said in an almost sob, "aren't I special too?" She got to use the 2nd plate that night.

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asked 18 Oct '09, 19:33

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Sitting the car, waiting for SO to come out of the store. She'll be 5min... YEAH RIGHT.

4yr old sitting in the back seat...

We wait, and wait, and wait... 10min, 15min, 20min...

After 30min I'm getting annoyed... for whatever reason I start drumming my fingers on the steering wheel.

4yr old sees this and says, "Why are you doing that?"

I said, "No reason."

She looked at me and said (calmly as could be), "There's a reason for everything..."

Now I don't know about you folks... but its hard to stay upset when you've just experienced a "zen moment" like that. ;-)

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answered 19 Oct '09, 00:13

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It's always an incredible moment when a kid puts you in your place without using ill feelings like anger or sarcasm. Time stops for a few seconds while your brain tries to catch up.

(19 Oct '09, 14:48) Dinah

Not to mention the fact that you start to think twice before offering up some sort of "wisdom of the ages" and wonder to yourself, "Is this going to come back and bite me in the a$$ later?" LOL

(19 Oct '09, 17:59) KPW

Don't worry about that too much because the fact is, it will ALWAYS find a way to bite you in the a$$ later :)

(20 Oct '09, 13:10) Dinah

One day, my wife was upset about the behaviour of our 3 year old son. She explaiend loudly that she was angry and why.

Our son simply expressed empathy. Anger was gone in few milliseconds.

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answered 18 Oct '09, 19:47

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