We are deciding between a rear bike seat, trailer and dutch box bike for transporting one child. The bike seat is the easiest by far but is it safe?

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I've read that because the suspension of a bike is not designed for the rider to be behind the seat post young children on rear seats are being bounced up and down in a way that is not good for their spines. Especially for a very young child, this is sometimes considered developmentally dangerous. However, I can't find where I read that now. There are risks for both - a bike with a rear seat is much more unstable and the braking time is greater than normal. However, there is a risk with a trailer that other road users don't give it enough space, or indeed notice it at all because it is so low down.

AAP prefers trailers to rear seats: http://news.consumerreports.org/baby/2009/05/bicycle-seats-vs-bike-trailers-for-children.html

We had rear seats because storage was always an issue for us, we had nowhere to keep a trailer.


answered 07 Jun '13, 14:52

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I don't have any research to back this up, but I've had a couple of health professioanls tell me that the rear seat is safer than the trailer. Of course, the child would wear a helmet regardless. I hope others will offer opinions, as I will be looking further into this soon.


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