I have a nine year old daughter. She met her dad for the first time when she was 4 years old. He would see her occasionally for 1 year then he stopped coming.

Now he took me to court when she was 8 for time sharing. He got every weekend and some holidays and all the summer. We're still in court because I'm trying to chage the time sharing. He has been arrested in the past for possesion of mariguana, DUI, robbery, and he is living with his girlfriend, his step daughter and they both have a son.

I'm married, have 3 kids with my husband and the thing is that when we started following the court order I would call his cell phone so I could talk to my daughter and he would tell me that she's at the store or that he's not with her. Just excuses so that I didn't talk to her.

Well the first weekend that he had her over she was scared because she hadn't see him for almost 3 years. Well they where going somewhere and she didn't want to go so he and his girlfriend got her by her arms and legs and threw her in the truck. The following weeked he hit her because he said she was kicking his truck and then I got her a cell phone so that she could call me at work but then he got her cell got my number then my husband and he texted my husband and told him that I only left him because my parents. Now we meet in a park instead of my house when he picks her up. So now he told me that he is not ok with our daughter having a cell because she's only 9 and that he wants to talk to her every night and that if she doesn't answer he's going to call my husband's cell.

He doesn't have a good relationship with our daughter. So he called and she didn't answer so when he got her on the weekend she told me that when he picked her up he snatched the cell off her hand then he send me a text saying that he was going to turn off her cell phone and that if I want to talk to her that I will call his cell. So I didn't because I don't want to argue. Then my daughter told me that his girlfriend told her that if she goes to remove clothing from the clothesline she would give her the cell phone back so she did and then she asked for her cell and the girlfriend said "you're not gettin it back". These people don't have a dryer. She told me that they hang their clothes on the rope or in the trampoline. They live in a dirty house.

So the next weekend they did the same thing they only give her the cell for a minute before she goes to sleep so she can call me but she has to talk in front of them. She told me that when the girlfriend gave her the cell she ran into the little girl's room to hide the cell then the girlfriend ran after her and took the cell in a grossly way. So knows her dad or the girlfriend carries my daughter's cell in their pocket. For the past 3 weekends she's been coming home super sunburnt and I'm like, "What happened?" She said that she went fishing or to the beach and I'm like, "I packed you sun lotion" and she tells me that all they tell her is get in the truck we're leaving, so they don't even tell her where they're going.

So I got her another cell/android so that I can put a pin so he doesn't get into it. So she took 2 cell phones for the summer. I told her to hide the android and to call me on the regular cell. Well, they took it away on Friday and she called me Saturday on the android and she said, "Mami I'll call you later cause she almost caught me." Then I texted her on the android on Sunday. She only answered at night and she said "I love you" and then her dad found the android and texted me "this is daniel". He had to ask her about the password so this is what they tell her, "tell me the password or I'll break your cell." Well, my baby is only 9 years old, she's scared. He lives 2 hours away from me and I'm waiting for a trial but I want to call child services. I don't want to do it and then look like a mother that wants to keep her child away from her dad.

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Thats a tough story to read. If I were in your position, I would be doing two things. First, keep records of what happens. This should help in show that you have a genuine reason for concern and are not just trying to cause trouble or prevent the dad from having contact.
Second, I would get legal advice to see what options are available and what affect they will have on the custody case.

I would also add that I have never been in this situation, so feel free to ignore me.


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