My daughter tends to feed for a few minutes then she will shriek pulling away therefor allowing the milk to spray everywhere then try latching back on usually upset and repeats this for a good fifteen minute everytime nearly. Its really frustrating and beginning to make me want to.stop breast feeding all together as it is hard to.cope with. My girl is one month old, please help. Thanks

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I have experienced this with two of my three children, especially in the first few weeks. In my case it was due to overactive letdown. Basically, my breast would become too engorged with milk and then the baby would start to nurse and the milk would shoot out to fast. It can be frustrating for the poor baby and the mom.

Advice given to me by the public health nurses was to try to relax and to recline somewhat when feeding in order to help prevent the quick letdown reflex. What I found helped the most, was to pump a little bit first to "release the pressure" before nursing.


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