Our son is about to turn 3 months but he is yet to sleep on his own (as in we put him to sleep, put him down on the crib then he sleeps for few hours). He only sleeps when he is carried during the day, the moment we put him down he wakes up crying. At night, he sleeps with us on the bed where he is right next to his mommy. We blame ourselves for letting this happen but now my wife can't do anything during the day but carry him.

What can we do to break him out of this habit? Any pointers would be great appreciated.

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Most experts agree that sleep training for babies under 6 months of age can be harmful to development. "Rigid, scheduled sleep and care in the early months is associated with three times the risk of behavioural problems at six months and twice the amount of crying as infants with cue-based care"

What you and your wife are doing at the moment is completely appropriate to his current developmental stage, he will grow out of it, you don't need to break him out of it.


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There are so many theories on sleep training. Although I consider myself more of "middle of the road" type person (not 100% cry it out, not 100% attachment parenting) I do like Dr. Sears articles on sleep.

There are also a few questions on Moms4mom that discuss different sleep training theories. http://moms4mom.com/questions/6351/did-we-traumatize-our-8-month-old-with-sleep-training-methods http://moms4mom.com/questions/5861/my-baby-wont-sleep-in-his-crib-help-please


answered 27 Nov '13, 10:30

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We had a similar feeling about the sleeping habits of our child, what we did was changing progresively the nature of the stimulus we used to sleep our baby. You can check the complete story in my answer to this other question: http://moms4mom.com/questions/6351/did-we-traumatize-our-8-month-old-with-sleep-training-methods/13625


answered 17 Oct '14, 00:11

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