My 12 year old daughter, Lydia, loves music. ALL music. I walk into her room one day, It's Metallica. Next day, David Bowie. Next, Fun. She plays Clarinet in the town Band and Is teaching herself Giutar so she can start a rock band. I want to mix in her love of music into our unschooling curriculum, but niether of us know how. Any ideas?

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If you'd like to explore the links between music and maths, she could look at music theory. Even just looking at the patterns for major and minor scales is a good place to start.


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I took music up until the end of high school, these are some of the things that I recall. History - Music has a rich history, from Baroque, Renaissance, to Classical Era, to Romantic, and then to more modern music. You could learn about the evolution of the music, how it is influenced by (or influences) the era. Geography/Social Studies - The countries, where certain types of music (both historical and modern) originated. She could also research both historical and modern musicians.

There is also a strong relationship between music and math. You can find the sheet music for some of her favorite songs and look for patterns, discuss fractions etc...

Then there is English/literature - Look at the lyrics of her favorite songs. How are they comparable to poems? Analyze the meaning both literal and metaphorical.


answered 27 Nov '13, 10:19

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