My now 15 year old daughter has an IEP for learning disability since kindergarten and has related services of speech, occupational therapy and counseling, but hasn't gone to any of these services since 8th grade. We tried punishment, bribes, and forcing her to go but she resisted all attempts and just stays in her classroom or cafeteria, no matter how long staff persist. I mean literally she doesn't respond to any punishment, bribes, or rewards and resisted staff when they force her to go. I tried every compromise you can think of, including, but not limited to having those services done at a private setting outside school, letting her go for a short period to start with (10 minutes instead of the whole period). We have looked for signs of bullying throughout the years to make sure she wasn't bullied because of the services and we asked her a couple of times if she is being bullied because she receives services and she keeps insisting no and we investigated and found she was NOT being bullied over this. She's now in 10th grade. So 2 months ago I and the school decided the services will take place in the classroom/ cafeteria where she is and she refused to comply and got really angry. Then we created a positive behavior support plan to get her to go to the services. That didn't help. Last week we took her to counseling (outside of school) to find out why she doesn't want to go and she said that only r--ed (sorry for that word) kids receive these services and she is not r--ed. We told her that receiving services and having an IEP doesn't mean you're r--ed or dumb and that smart students can receive services and then she stated the contradictory. She kept referring to kids with IEPs the r word. She says she will not accept services no matter what. She refused to go to counseling this week even though everyone is suggesting me I need to force her to counseling because she's denying her own disabilities.

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