My daughter just turned 1 on may 28th, I have switched her completely from baby foods to table foods since she has been having a lot of constipation. She is still on formula for the time being because I am worried that switching her to milk will only make the problem worse. We eat relatively healthy, I feed her things like green beans, yogurt, pears, apples, beans, and occasionally bananas. I took her to her pediatrician, she recommended I give her prunes and prune juice and gave me mirilax to help soothe the constipation. I am worried that constantly giving her mirilax, that her body will not be able to break down food properly. She refuses to eat/drink prune juice. I'm at a loss, I do occasionally give her enemas just so she can get relief. She had not passed a stool in the last 4 days, and I was going to give her an enema to help pass the stool, she managed to pass the large mass on her own, the problem seems she may have caused hemorrhoids. There was blood in her diaper and on her stool and there are protrusions on her anus. Should I be worried? and should I take her to her doctor?

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I remember doing some research when our oldest daughter was around the same age. Food wise, it sounds like you are doing things right, make sure that she has plenty of fluids, preferably water. If that doesn't do the trick we had some success with glycerine suppositories. If I was in your situation and saw blood in my baby's stool I was definitely contact our family physician as soon as possible.


answered 03 Jun '14, 20:19

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I forgot to mention that all she really drinks is water. Occasionally I will giver her some grape juice, or apple juice, but all day at daycare she drinks water and usually at dinner and snack time she drinks water. I thought with all the water consumption that she wouldn't have this many problems. I noticed undigested food in her stool before, for some reason she just isn't digesting foods well.

(03 Jun '14, 20:58) klmoses

@klmoses maybe she is eating too much solid food? Not chewing it well enough? I would definitely be talking to my Dr. If you are not satisfied with their help, get a second opinion, or ask to be referred to a pediatrician.

(03 Jun '14, 21:03) Tammy ♦♦
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