Alright here's the deal. I am worried because I no longer want to send my son to his dad unsupervised. Here's what changed my mind about letting him see his son. He has had a possession charge and a dui charge in the past year. As well as a few other possession chargers from a few years back. But what sent me over the edge was the fact that him and his wife who separated from him, child was badly burnt while on his watch. He was watching her and she got a hold of his lighter and caught herself on fire. I have full custody due to the fact he didn't show up for court for our custody battle. I don't want to go through the custody battle thing again I was a nervous wreck. By the way I'm drug free, no criminal background (never been arrested pulled over for a ticket nothing, squeaky clean), provide my own home with his own room, and loved. So here's my question? I use to let him take our son every weekend Friday @ 5 to Sunday @ 9. I would only like him to go every other weekend and, that my son had to remain with his grandmother while visiting his dad. No leaving with his dad. Is this a reasonable request. If he wants to go back to court over it will I have a strong enough case against him that I won't have to worry. this is just making me sick any advice or opinions would be great. also anyone with similar custody battles! Thanks

asked 07 Apr '15, 00:02

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If the full custody of your child is granted to you by court then, you don't have to worry. It is in your discretion if you want to set an agreement to your former husband regarding his visiting schedule.


answered 30 Apr '15, 01:10

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Hello! Can you link to a source backing this up, or does this come from personal experience? Please be specific because this is bordering on legal advice, and nobody can give legal advice unless they're a lawyer.

(24 Jul '15, 20:30) Scott ♦♦

I agree. Don't worry about this!

(27 Jun '16, 00:37) cherrylynsmithe
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