Hi, I'm new here! I'm the mom to 2 beautiful twins, Kate and Brooke! I'm a single mom, I have been since about a year ago. Ever since I became a single mom, my once pleasant to be around kids became extremely disrespectful. (Lieing to me, hitting me and each other, once biting each other, talking back, not doing their homework, etc) I have tried all the positive discipline in the book, not wanting to spank, but it's been over a year, and nothing's changed. I've been researching spanking, and I've been getting a lot of different info, so I've decided to ask here. I have a few questions. 1. Do I spank bare bottom, with underwear on, or fully clothed. Since they're only 7, I don't think modesty will be an issue. 2. Do I use an implement, such as a spoon, or hairbrush, or do I just use my hand? If I spank bare bottom, do I still use a implement? 3. How long do I spank for? Do I spank for a set amount, till their bottoms are red and the crying is real, or something else? 4. How hard should I spank? 5. Should I spank them over the knee, or diaper position,.... why? Finally, how do I bring up that they're getting their first spanking? They both don't know what a spanking is, so how should I tell them?

That's about it, if theres anything you want to add, that would be appreciated! Hoping to get to know the community here better! Also, when you answer, can you say why, so that I know the reasoning behind it.

Pro spankers only please. I have already made the decision to spank, so please don't comment telling me why I shoudn't.

asked 23 Apr '16, 17:31

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