Our baby used to sleep easily, and never fuss or scream unless something was wrong (hungry, diaper, or gas). We could clip her nails while awake, play piano while asleep, whatever.

The past week or two, she's still like that for about 19 hours a day. But, between about 7PM and midnight, she can not sleep flat! Most nights she can fall asleep in my lap, or while I'm holding her and bouncing on an exercise ball. The instant I put her down in her crib, she usually starts screaming, even while my hands are still under her.

I think it has something to do with her body position - if I hold her with her legs folded up and her back curved and sitting up, she seems comfortable. If I hold her with her body straight and/or horizontal, she reacts like she has bad gas.

If I manage to put her down in her crib without waking her, within a few minutes she will start writhing, wake herself up, and scream.

After midnight or 12:30, I can put her down easily, and if she wakes up she self-soothes and goes right back to sleep.

Tonight she wouldn't even be held; the only place she was comfortable was in a swing bassinet, and if I moved her and put her back she'd scream for ten minutes, gradually getting quieter until she fell asleep. Anywhere else, she'd scream for ten minutes getting louder until I moved her back to the swing. Once when she fell deeply asleep I carefully transferred her to a blanket on a rug on the floor without waking her. She instantly tucked up her legs and flopped to her side, slept uncomfortably and lightly for about ten minutes, and then woke up and screamed. Back to the swing, back to sleep.

Now it's 2AM and I've put her in her crib, and she's flat on her back; I've heard her wake up twice and go back to sleep without a whimper.

From about 9PM to midnight, she obviously wants to sleep and is too uncomfortable to sleep - except maybe sitting up which is unsafe, or draped across my legs (only some nights) which can be pretty inconvenient.

Has anyone experienced anything like this? Any ideas what might be wrong and how to correct it?

asked 16 May '16, 05:21

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