My 5-month old doesn't need to eat during the night anymore, but he has recently started waking up earlier and earlier in the morning and he is having the best time ever in his crib! He's squealing and cooing and kicking his legs. If we leave him alone he usually goes back to sleep, sometimes he gets fussy or it goes on so long we just get up. Is it a phase? Is it bad to just leave him there as long as he's happy? Any tips for getting him to REALLY sleep through the night? It's hilarious to listen to him, but makes for very tired parents the next day, and even he sometimes looks tired in the morning!

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Ditto. Both my kids went through this. I just let them be and enjoyed the sounds of having a happy baby. Those are some of my most precious memories from that age.


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I remember our daughter going through this. Although it wasn't regular, she would from time to time wake up in the middle of the night or very early morning, play in her crib for a bit and go back to sleep. We let her be, as long as she was safe and we were sure she didn't need to be fed or changed.


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If listening is keeping you up, I'd try some white noise in your room or turning down the baby monitor. If he's not unhappy I'd definately let him be. Many kids DO have a stage of early-morning-waking around 5 months. Our now 7 month old did and now he's back to sleeping till 7am. Now if he's grouchy, I wouldn't get him up, but maybe help him get back to sleep if that's what you decide he needs. See


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What helped us was to move his last feeding to later in the evening and put him to bed later.


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You have a great situation on your hands - let the child be happy and leave him be. I never corrected this with my daughter and shes now almost 13 months. She wakes when she wants and plays and has fun in her crib and when I am ready I go and get her. This has taught her to self sooth and as a result, we now have a really easy going kid. We put her to bed between 9-10 pm and she wakes between 8-9 am but I dont go get her until 9-930 am. Gives her independant time and I get to start my day in a calm, relaxed fashion.


answered 01 Oct '09, 04:35

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