As most of you are probably aware cold remedies for children under two have been pulled from the shelves for a little while now. http://www.cbc.ca/health/story/2008/01/17/cold-medicine.html

My little one has developed a cold and is not sleeping well due to congestion. What are some things people have tried to help their little ones fight off, or cope with a cold? We have saline drops which help temporarily but they certainly don't last throughout the night.

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We have found that using a humidifier in our kids rooms at night helps a lot. We have purchased 2 Crane humidifiers and they work a lot better than the standard Vicks humidifier we bought which didn't work well for our needs. The Crane humidifiers are kid friendly in design and are cool to the touch. We have the elephant and the frog. My neighbor has the frog and doesn't feel it works right, but ours work really well. So if you get one that doesn't work right return/ exchange it right away. Also make sure to follow the directions as it needs to be placed on a firm surface and not on carpet for it to work properly.

Elephant Humidifier

Frog Humidifier

I also wash bedding and everything else that touches their face/hands everyday during their cold to keep the germs from spreading.

I also concur with the propping of the matress or if your child is old enough, a firm pillow.


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One thing we've done that seems to work well is to close the bathroom door, turn the shower all the way to hot, and just sit in the bathroom with our son, letting him breathe in all the steam. A few minutes of that works wonders for congestion, just be sure to have lots of tissues ready!


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Closing the bathroom door and turning the shower on hot! Works wonders!! All the steam gets them cleared out - not too long though. Another thing that helps, hot Chicken Noodle Soup!


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+1 simply because I love your nick

(30 Sep '09, 11:33) epaga

I always thought that Chicken soup was a magic cold remedy.

(30 Sep '09, 20:22) Tammy ♦♦

We use an aromatherapy oil burner with a couple of drops of Children's Olbas Oil in, left burning in the room for about an hour before the child goes to bed (our oil burners use tealight candles; if you have one that doesn't you can probably safely leave it running unattended), and then a tissue heavily doused in Olbas left under the mattress.

Clears the kids' tubes out nicely, and helps them get to sleep.


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I wonder if that works the same was as the Vicks Plug-ins?

(30 Sep '09, 20:23) Tammy ♦♦

There are a number of plug-in vaporisers available in the UK with decongestant stuff in them - they are allowed for under twos. They tend to be fairly expensive, especially on the refills.

(27 Oct '09, 18:39) Meg Stephenson

+1 for Olbas oil

(09 Jul '10, 14:04) Benjol

our doctor said to put something stable under part of the mattress to prop it up, in order to help her breathe better when she had a cold.


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Did it work well?

(13 Dec '09, 20:36) MrChrister

We use a combination of things... - Vicks makes a rub for children, the aroma is soothing and helps clear up breathing

  • saline spray for the nose (again, they make kinds for children) help to break up mucus and keep things from getting crusty and such

  • humidifier in the room (cool mist is good this time of year - we use a KAZ brand cool mist humidifier) but be sure to clean it regularly

  • tea - I made a mix of chamomile and peppermint tea for my son and he really liked it lukewarm (NOT HOT!) No idea if it really helped but he liked it and it kept him hydrated

  • chicken soup really does help make them feel better


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We found Nasal Aspirators (a.k.a. 'Snot Suckers'!) to be incredibly effective.

We have one of the blub types, but I assume the ones through which you physically suck would be even more controllable ...


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From my experience peppermint oil (just a few drops) in their humidifier works great! My son is 2 months and I propped up is mattress and used non-drying saline drops by putting a couple drops in each nostril one at a time. Close off the nostril you are not squirting the saline in and then using a nose bulb to suck the saline back out. For sore throat and/or ear aches 2 drops of sweet oil in each ear a couple times a day followed by a cotton ball works wonders for my kids. Hope this helps! -Ashlie


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If the symptoms include a cough, use onions with sugar. Just chop up an onion (not too fine, bigger chunks are totally OK) and put some sugar on top of it. The sugar will get the juice out of the onions and create a syrup. Give some of the syrup to your child. You will find this recipe with honey too, but don't use honey if your child is under one year of age!

My mother gave this to me (although I didn't like it). Here's one site giving an exact recipe but you can find it anywhere on the internet http://www.ehow.com/how_4835619_cough-syrup-onion.html I like the tip they are giving on the bottom :)

But also note that coughing the congested material out is actually a good thing, but if it is interfering with everyone's sleep, it might be better to not cough it out during the night.


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