Just to get a general idea when mine might do it.

Also, do you remember the age when they:

  • Said their first word
  • First walked
  • Started eating by themselves

asked 19 Oct '09, 19:06

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By "gave up diapers", I assume you don't mean when the 2 year old repeatedly took hers off :)

(19 Oct '09, 19:55) Dinah

First nonsensical words were from 5 months onwards. I think the words dada followed by baba were spoken at 7 months. Mama came quite a bit later.

First fall while trying to walk took place during her 8th month. She began walking unaided in her 9th month. Falling down gradually lessened and grinded to a complete halt at 17 months.

Attempting to eat with hands began at 9 months, successfuly placing a spoon filled with yoghurt in her mouth happened at 12 months.

Something really hilarious that happened was when she was between 9 and 10 months old. During the day she fell over in a really funny way, (despite me telling her not to step on the book that was lying on the floor, she stepped on it on purpose slipped and fell on her bottom ) and in the evening while I was explaining it to my husband, in the way it occured she seemed to understand and burst into a laughter that was unbelievable. We caught it on camera, it was amazing.

So her first real laughter was something for us to remember too. As for diapers, 2 and a half, with night time pull ups finishing just before 3 years!

Enjoy every second!


answered 19 Oct '09, 20:22

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"Enjoy every second!" =)

(19 Oct '09, 20:40) JJJ

My 3 oldest children all daytime potty trained at about 2 1/2 years old. They still went an entire year of nighttime diapers.

Around 9 months old I start giving my infant cut up food and a spoon so they can start learning to eat themselves.

Walking can happen at anytime. Of 4 children, the 3 boys all walked about 12 months and my daughter first walked at 7 months.


answered 19 Oct '09, 19:37

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My older daughter, Taylor wore diapers until 2 1/2 day and night but I have problems with my daughter Taryn. She stopped wearing diapers during the day at 28 months but she is seven and still wears diapers at night and on weekends. My son Tyler is 9 and wears diapers during the night and weekends but stopped during the day at 29 months. Taylor is 10 and wears no diapers. I went to 6 different doctors and there is nothing wrong with Taryn or Tyler. I try to quit the diapers during weekends but it doesn't work. They have to have them :( Does anyone have idea's on how they can quit?


answered 05 Feb '10, 02:16

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You should probably ask this as a new question to get some answers.

(05 Feb '10, 11:43) Rich Seller

My 21 month old is still in diapers . . . working on getting rid of diapers~ First started eating by himself somewhere around 6-9 months (cheerios and Gerber Puffs). First word was around 7-8 months ("dada) and now won't quit talking :)! Walked at 8 months but that was super early (too early if you ask me!) I think the typical age for walking is around one year old!


answered 20 Oct '09, 01:12

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Melissa 1
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Diapers: my daughters were both at 27 months (2 1/4), but with the second one that was optimistic an she continued to wet herself fairly frequently for about 3 or 4 months (I was determined not to go back to diapers though). That was day time. Night time I waited until their night time diapers had been dry for a whole month - that was about 3ish with the younger, but not until nearly 5 for the elder. My son is still in diapers day and night at nearly 28 months, and showing no interest in the potty.

First word - this is tough, they kind of went through babbling to talking without it being obvious when the transition occured. I know my eldest was talking clearly and in sentences by the time she turned two. The second one had sentences at two, but was not very clear (other people couldn't understand her), she was clear enough by 2 3/4, but still has some sounds, at five years old, that are difficult for her (like the th sound). The youngest suddenly started saying proper words just after his second birthday, but still not sentences now.

Walking: 1 week after first birthday, 13 months and 13 months 1 week.

Eating by themselves: It was about 8 months with all three. With the youngest we did baby led weaning so he had been playing with food but not actually ingesting a great deal since about 6 months. The other two were spoon fed from 6 months, but discovered they could grab handfuls and put it in for themselves from 8 monthsish.


answered 26 Oct '09, 19:39

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Meg Stephenson
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I just looked all of this up to see when my baby should start these milestones!!

My daughter was potty trained at 3 years and 4 months.... AHHHH... but now she has no accidents during the day or night. I tried at 2 and 2.5 and she just wasn't ready. Goodluck with the diapers!!

Around 8 months my kids were saying little words - mom, dad, bottle (bahbah) they were not actually talking sentences until 2 years old.

My two oldest started walking around at 10 months. They were taking one or two steps around 9 months.

I gave my kids spoons around 7 months and let them play with food. It was always a HUGE mess but they got to learn how to hold it and use it very early. By 1 year old my kids could eat by themselves.


answered 19 Oct '09, 20:12

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