I was just wondering what people have preferred to use when potty training? Diapers, Pull Ups, or Underwear?

asked 19 Oct '09, 20:45

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Underwear during the day, pull-ups at night until they're regularly dry.

I suspect that with ours at least, if they had diapers or pull-ups on while actually potty training during the day, they wouldn't have bothered going to the potty. It would also have made it harder to tell when they'd had an accident.


answered 19 Oct '09, 20:58

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At the beginning I would say Make a big deal about getting rid of the "Baby Diapers" and getting Big Kids Pull-ups as the child progress and gets better about going then I would say switch to Underwear. Depending on the child and how hard they sleep Pull-ups at night for a fact.


answered 19 Oct '09, 21:57

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My kids have treated pull-ups like diapers so I have just went straight to underwear. The first few days were hard (MESSES EVERYWHERE) but after awhile it gets easier. If you live somewhere where its warm right now you can go outside daily with the undies and make accidents outside!! :-)


answered 20 Oct '09, 22:39

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Initially, nothing at all during the day - at least that's what worked for my eldest. She went bare-bottomed for two days (the weather was good and we didn't go out, apart from in our own garden). Then she went into underwear when she had got the hang of the potty - there was then a slight regression but she quickly worked it out. She was completely fine to go out and about within a week (although my sister-in-law's wedding was perhaps a bit too exciting).

She stayed in diapers at night, which changed to pull ups later. I think being dry at night is totally different from the day, and some kids get one sorted well before the other. She didn't come out of night time pull-ups for nearly another 3 years.


answered 21 Oct '09, 19:36

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