Looking for suggestions about online resources for H1N1/Swine flu information.

Both pro and con info about the vaccine are desired, ideally articles/sources that take a non-biased approach.

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Additional information available in this related question: http://moms4mom.com/questions/240/swine-flu-vaccination

(20 Oct '09, 00:05) Scott ♦♦

I think your best source is a doctor who you trust and with whom you have a good relationship. It's their job to be kept abreast on all of this. They know up to the nanosecond information and they know info like if vaccines are available and if they are right for you personally.


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In addition to the U.S. gov't sites already mentioned, here are a couple more, one Canadian, and one world-wide:

The Public Health Agency of Canada has a page at http://fightflu.ca. Here are their FAQs about the vaccine: H1N1 Flu Virus Vaccine

Another place I've been watching since day one of this virus going public is the World Health Organization (WHO) web site at http://www.who.int. The WHO have an H1N1 RSS news feed that I subscribe to. Some of the more recent updates have been quite informative, including this one: Clinical features of severe cases of pandemic influenza.

UPDATE: I just watched a recorded episode of Peter Mansbridge's "One on One" that aired October 17th, where he talks to Dr. Susy Hota about H1N1. You can currently watch it here. Runs 23 minutes, and worth watching if you're concerned about H1N1.


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+1 for an international reference

(20 Nov '09, 03:16) Tammy ♦♦

Dr. Sears (author of The Vaccine Book) has an update on his site about the H1N1 vaccines. I especially appreciated the information about what exactly is in them, and also the differences between the four brands available.


answered 03 Nov '09, 04:30

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That was really interesting. Thanks!

(03 Nov '09, 11:22) Scott ♦♦

EBSCOhost, a library database vendor, has announced that they've compiled a H1N1 page with links from some of their medical databases. Normally, you or your library would have to subscribe to their databases but they are offering it for free, at least for now.


answered 19 Nov '09, 22:02

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Here are a couple of interesting reads from Alex Jones Prison Planet Website, I am merely posting them so as to provide an alternative view point.

Were Swine flu death projections hyped? and

The reality behind the swine flu conspiracy


answered 28 Nov '09, 08:50

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