My son visits the dr on a regular basis. I don't want to take the sticker that they ALWAYS give him away as the dr visits are already a little stressful. I now have two shirts that have gone through the wash with the sticker still attached. Any tips for getting the sticky stuff off while keeping the clothing nice? Thank you so much!

asked 19 Sep '09, 05:59

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s w
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Just curious as to if any of these suggestions worked for you? I want to know too because the way my daughter plays with stickers I may have this same problem on my hands soon!

(10 Oct '09, 07:08) Sabrina

You could try getting a little notebook for your son to put his stickers in, then they don't end up on the shirt. Then when the doctor gives him a sticker, you can either pull out the notebook right then, or ask your son to wait until you get home and then he can put it in.

For the residue already on the shirts, you could try Goo Gone or Carbona has a wide variety of stain removers. They may have one that would work well on adhesive residue.


answered 19 Sep '09, 17:45

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I'm not sure about on clothing, but I was told there are chemicals in peanut butter that will break down the adhesive left by stickers. I use it all the time to remove the "gunk" left behind on consumer items by stickers. You could always try... :) Good luck!


answered 19 Sep '09, 11:31

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Scott ♦♦
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Also not sure about using this on clothing, but WD-40 spray lubricant is an excellent adhesive remover on every surface I've tried it on. Plus it's handy to have around anyway!


answered 20 Sep '09, 01:51

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Mike Powell
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I have actually read somewhere that WD-40 can be used on clothes to remove grease stains. (sorry can't remember the exact source)

(20 Sep '09, 01:53) Tammy ♦♦
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