My husband and I are the proud parents of twin boys whom did not come easily to us. It took us well over a year and a round of clomid to get pregnant since my cycles were very infrequent and irregular. I was never diagnosed with anything wrong (I have no health issues, I am in my late 20's & of average weight), besides having some ovulation issues. But we were very lucky to only have to do a single round of clomid to become pregnant.

Now, as our boys are growing, we are talking about when we would like to try to get pregnant again. My husband wants to start ASAP, while I want to wait and enjoy my boys for a little while longer before I add another to the equation. But we are both concerned that trying to get pregnant will be another lengthy process. I have heard some people say that once they get pregnant with their first child, its easier to get pregnant a second time.

So, my question is, does anyone have any personal experience with infertility issues that were resolved after your first pregnancy? Was it easier for you to get pregnant a second time or was it the same process all over again?

asked 20 Oct '09, 18:44

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I'm the oldest of 2. My parents got pregnant with me immediately. It took them over a year to get pregnant with my younger sister.

Edit: At the risk of being discouraging, apparently there's something called "secondary infertility" that is not uncommon (Here are 2 good resources):

Secondary infertility is usually defined as the inability to conceive or carry a pregnancy to term after successfully and naturally conceiving one or more children.


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