My husband just got a new job 600 miles away. Our children are 1 and 4. Obviously our 1 year old is a little too young to really understand what is going on. But our 4 year old is old enough that eventually she will understand that she will be leaving her grandparents and friends and going somewhere new. Right now though she is excited about the idea of being near her favorite aunt.

So my question is what are some ways to make the move go smoother with two small children? And how do we help our daughter adjust to her new surroundings and the loss of familiar faces?

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I would just try to talk a lot about it with her . . . possibly read some children's books to her about moving. I am sure there are some out there :)! This could help answer some of her questions. Another suggestion is to make a picture book of the things that are familiar with (friends, family, house, places she played). You can explain to her that she will always have this picture book to take with her and remember those important things! Good luck!


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+1 for picturebook craft idea, even if we have enough work to do getting ready to move already.

(22 Oct '09, 03:06) Joel Coehoorn

I think you can help your 4 year old to adjust to the change, but focusing on a couple of points that will be interesting for her. We moved when my daughter was 4, and one of the things we focused on was talking about her new bedroom after we had visited the new apartment. This was a point of interest for her, we talked about colours, and which colours she would like in her room, and how we would lay out her room. This was very motivating for her. You could look at other features that are interesting in your new home, together. We are in an apartment so, we don't have a garden, instead we looked out of the several windows of her new room at the different views and tried to spot all the different things we could see, but if you have a garden that could be another great focal point to discuss and explore, or parks near by. And last of all are you thinking any play groups for your daughter? Attending such groups could also be a good way of adapting to the new area quickly, making the transition smoother and making some new little friends.

Oops I forgot to add the bit about family; we use the webcam and internet to communicate with family members in the U.K , and even send snail mail with pictures that my daughter draws for her grandparents. You are lucky that you have family in the new area, at least.

Hope it goes smoothly!


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