My son is just beginning to walk and because the weather has been nice he's mostly gone barefoot. As winter approaches I was wondering if anyone has a good recommendation for shoes for a new walker. With my daughter we had her in Robeez, but they are not good for rain. And it rains A LOT where we live.

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asked 19 Sep '09, 06:56

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Tammy ♦♦

Good question, we are in the same situation. Love the Robeez but they are not good for snow or rain. I'd love to hear what people suggest.

(19 Sep '09, 13:12) Tammy ♦♦

This question probably didn't need to be a community wiki. We generally just use community wiki's for "list building" like favorites lists, etc. For instance, "What's your favorite parenting comic strip?" Hmm, that's actually a good question...

(19 Sep '09, 20:54) Scott ♦♦

I don't see a box to uncheck the community wiki...once you check the box is there no going back?

(21 Sep '09, 03:56) Sabrina

@Sabrina - nope, apparently no going back. Seems to be a feature of the StackOverflow/StackExchange software. I've made a comment to the developers, but I think it's a low priority feature right now.

(23 Sep '09, 10:00) Scott ♦♦

I would try out Pedipeds (they are still a soft sole but it takes a lot longer for them to soak up water) or I would look at Stride Rite, they have very good shoes and have a lot of "softer soled" shoes to make easier for them to walk.

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answered 26 Sep '09, 06:14

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Melissa 1
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I just went to a Stride Rite store this weekend. I really liked their shoes, but wow $50 for a pair of first walking shoes. I wish I knew how long he would be wearing these shoes for! My friend said there is an outlet store not too far away and you can get the shoes 1/2 price. I'm going to go check it out. :) Thanks!

(28 Sep '09, 09:10) Sabrina

Where we live it snows a lot. When our daughter started walking, we would just make sure she had on a good pair of sneakers (no holes, and little or no mesh) and pull her snow pants down so that they covered the tops of the shoes.

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answered 19 Sep '09, 17:49

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I was very happy with the Startrite range of shoes that were available a couple of years ago. Reasonably priced and very comfortable for first shoes. The link below gives good clear details of points to bear in mind when looking for the "right shoe"

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answered 21 Sep '09, 08:29

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That is a great website. I found something similar on the Robeez website too and realized they make similar shoes called Tredz. I'm nervous about buying shoes in "pounds" I need to look up the exchange rate for "dollars." :)

(28 Sep '09, 09:12) Sabrina

We live in Alaska, where we get plenty of rain and snow :) With our son, we usually put him in his rubber rain boots for both. In the winter, we usually just put on thicker socks so his feet don't get cold. Now he LOVES his rain boots, and asks to put them on even when it's not wet outside.

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answered 23 Sep '09, 04:29

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I tried that myself when we first moved here to snow-land. My feet froze in my rain boots with my warm I'm a little weary about this. But wow- Alaska! I bet people wear lots of Ugg boots in Alaska, right?

(28 Sep '09, 09:08) Sabrina

ha ha, yeah, you do see quite a few Uggs up here, anything that's warm. Bunny boots are also popular - not very stylish, but very warm -

(28 Sep '09, 14:45) Brandon

I'm not sure if they're available outside Canada, but we got Stonz booties for our son, and they're great. They're not fully waterproof, only "water-resistant",Puddle-splashing would probably be a bad idea, but for walking around in the snow or on wet ground they're fine -- no leaks.

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answered 11 Dec '10, 23:23

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