I am on the search for the perfect cup. I have been through several different brands from Target or Walmart and still have not found a cup that doesn't leak all over the diaper bag. I am getting sick of having everything else get wet with my child's drink when it is in the diaper bag. Has anyone found a cup out there that doesn't leak? And if so I need some suggestions please!!!!

asked 20 Oct '09, 23:38

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Melissa 1
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I am on the same quest!! Good question!! I'm also looking for one that my boys will drink from and not just use as a chew toy!

(21 Oct '09, 01:12) Shannon B


answered 21 Oct '09, 00:37

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I will have to look into those, thanks for the suggestion!

(21 Oct '09, 02:41) Melissa 1

Try this one from Rubbermaid. It's similar to a juice box, but the spout closes. And, although not a sippy cup, I didn't have any issue teaching my toddler to drink out of it - she took to the straw right away.


answered 21 Oct '09, 02:47

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My favourite one is called an Anywayup cup, but it might be only available in the UK. The only drawback I've found with these is that the spout is difficult to clean properly, but you can buy new lids.


answered 21 Oct '09, 21:14

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Meg Stephenson
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That does look pretty cool, I have never seen that before (I guess that is because I live in the U.S.)!

(22 Oct '09, 00:05) Melissa 1

We have been happy with Playtex Insulator cups. They have a new one out (I recently purchased it at Target) that claims to guarantee no leaks!

The only problem I've had with them was when I took an old one on a trip with a large elevation change. The plastic on the lid split from the pressure and (of course) leaked after that. But I hardly think that was the fault of the cup. :)


answered 21 Oct '09, 20:00

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Maybe try getting them onto straws - I find the sippies with straws have a lot less leakage. Playtex and Nuby make great straw sippies.


answered 22 Oct '09, 03:51

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