My wife is in the first few weeks of pregnancy. She has not been well and has been signed off work to recover.

We work at the same company and my colleagues have been asking after her. Does anyone have advice as to what to say to her boss and friends when they ask?

asked 19 Sep '09, 10:27

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Rich Seller
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I think I agree with Tammy, however given that you both work for the same company you should be cautious and perhaps discuss it your / her boss, stating that due to the early stages you prefer to keep the news private.

How your company deals with pregnancy issues and leave and whether you wife plans to continue working during the pregnancy are factors that should help you decide when and with whom to speak with initially.

Best of luck!


answered 22 Sep '09, 15:34

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If you are ready to share the news, generally they will be understanding of the situation once they know about the pregnancy. I told my team when I was about 5 weeks along so that they could help cover my work when I was out for doctor's appointments or if I wasn't feeling well.


answered 19 Sep '09, 17:42

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Thanks for the advice, but we aren't ready to tell people that she is pregnant though

(19 Sep '09, 17:53) Rich Seller

I understand. But it does get a lot easier once they know.

(19 Sep '09, 18:33) mkcoehoorn

I am really surprised that you wouldn't want to disclose her pregnancy. Won't it be more awkward when they find out you have been hiding something from them? I agree with this answer that people are generally pretty understanding to sickness with pregnancies.

(22 Sep '09, 05:27) Sabrina

A lot of people want to wait till the first 12 weeks have past. That is traditionally when most pregnancy scares are out of the way. I think deciding on when to tell is very dependent on work place atmosphere. I was so eager to tell that I told early on, after though I wish I had waited to the usual 12 week mark.

(25 Sep '09, 18:16) Liz H

Until you're ready to share the news, I suggest just continue to tell people that she hasn't been feeling well. If her "morning" sickness is particularly bad it is worth talking to her doctor as there are prescription medicines that could help.


answered 19 Sep '09, 19:55

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Tammy ♦♦
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