We're just about to tell both sets of parents the news. Does anyone have any interesting or amusing ways to do so?

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asked 21 Oct '09, 11:59

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Rich Seller
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give them a cake that says "Congrats Grandma and Grandpa !!"

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answered 21 Oct '09, 12:28

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I love this one. We wanted to be able to say "you're now grandparents" but we both had sisters with kids.

(21 Oct '09, 13:15) Dinah

This didn't involve telling the future grandparents the news, but I thought it was novel:

My cousin had invited me once to a casual poker game at his brother-in-law's house, to fill a spot. As we were playing the first hand, another guy at the table had been dealt one of the Joker cards, which was not supposed to be in the deck. He interrupted the dealing in progress to show us the card.

Scrawled on the face of that Joker card was was "Steve's going to be a daddy!", or something to the same effect. Steve's wife had inserted the card into the deck before the game!

I think the dad-to-be knew the news already, but it would have been priceless if he didn't. :-)

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answered 21 Oct '09, 12:48

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Chris W. Rea
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When we had our first child, we bought all the grandparents those really cheesy "Best Grandma/Grandpa in the World" mugs, wrapped them up, and brought them over as gifts when we were ready to break the news. It was a lot of fun seeing their reactions, especially after being confused about why they were getting presents.

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answered 21 Oct '09, 14:58

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I bought two t-shirts of similar colour from the iron-on place in the mall. We went to a family dinner, with me wearing the first one with an iron-on of a tiger. Partway through the afternoon I slipped off to the bathroom and changed into the second shirt, which was printed to read:

I know someone

who has a secret

in her tummy

It took a few minutes for anyone to notice, but when they did... it was very popular. :)

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answered 21 Oct '09, 17:00

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My mother was always anxious for me and my wife to get pregnant, so I told her almost every week we were (although it was a lie).

This was all in preparation for the real deal, when I told her she didn't believe me and it was fun to try to convince her I was telling the truth that time =)

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answered 21 Oct '09, 17:04

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Haha! I love that one!!

(21 Oct '09, 18:23) Shannon B

That is pretty funny!!!

(22 Oct '09, 00:12) Melissa 1

Note of caution: if you are on Facebook, tell your friends that know first not to say anything until you have a chance to tell everyone yourself. Especially if there are work friends in your network and you don't want it widely known at work yet.

Now to the happy parts:

With our first, we happened to be having my parents over for dinner for my dad's birthday. When they got there, I couldn't think of any good way to tell them. Casual conversation went as usual before dinner and I kept trying to think of a good way to tell them. Eventually I figured I was just over-thinking it so I picked up our Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy book and laid it on the table in front of my mother. She was thrilled.

A few weeks later we went on vacation near my spouse's family. I think the news had already been leaked by phone to the parents and older sister but not the 2 younger college-aged sisters. One was told that if they ever wanted to travel during college that they "could stay with us to visit their new niece or nephew". This elicited a huge scream of joy that only a teenage girl can produce. When the other sister got home from work, we said we had some pictures to show her and gave her the ultrasound pics. She was also really happy and gave us big hugs. It was a great way to start a vacation.

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answered 21 Oct '09, 12:14

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Our friends are getting married in the summer, so for her parents we went with:

"are you busy on June 27th? because we could do with a baby sitter"

About 5 seconds later the penny dropped.

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answered 22 Oct '09, 08:01

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Rich Seller
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Okay... here's one for you all...

My fiancee and I while we were vacationing in Thailand in March.

On April 1st (as an April Fool's joke) she called me up and told me she was pregnant. To which I quickly (and in a pretend panic) told her I had an STD (not true) and she could go to the doctor right away!

I then added, "...oh and next time you're going to try playing an APRIL FOOL'S day joke on me you should probably start the day before!"

We had a good laugh...

But sometimes the world has other plans... :-)

After missing her monthly visit on April 3rd, she started stressing over it. The anxiety got worse and worse...

I finally came one one evening and said to her, "You know, why don't we go down to the drug store and get a pregnancy test RIGHT NOW so we'll KNOW and can act accordingly."

She paused a moment then said, "Uhh... okay... but I'm making dinner. So let's go after dinner, okay?"

That was fine with me.

After dinner she handed me a card (which wasn't too out of the ordinary because she's sweet like that all the time). I opened it up and it said, "You're not the boss anymore."

Half thinking this MIGHT be some continuation of the April Fool's day joke I wasn't quite sure HOW to respond. Shen then showed me TWO pregnancy tests... both positive.

Side Note: BOTH of those tests were SOLID positive and yet she says to me, "That one has a small nick out of it so I'm not really sure..." I looked at her and said, "Sweety, that is a TEXTBOOK POSITIVE if I've ever seen one!" (Talk about denial... LOL!)

It turns out she'd already come to the same conclusion as I did and stopped off on her way home from work to pick up the tests...

So that's how I found out.

My mom... I simply called her up and said, "Hey mom, _ has something to say to you, and handed the phone over." The look of SHOCK on her face was PRICELESS. She made casual conversation with my mom for a while... never said anything, so I finally leaned into the phone and said, "We're pregnant. You're going to be a grandma."

(Note: Unless your mom is 110% cool like MINE is... I don't recommend it. But I'm 34, my fiancee is 37 and my mom REALLY wants grandkids... so she was THRILLED.)

Her parents... I wasn't there but HER mom was thrilled and her dad said (jokingly) something like, "Do you not know how this happens?"

So, the moral of the story is... April Fool's day jokes are NOT something you want to take lightly.

The baby is due Dec 6th. Its a girl! God help us... ;-)

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answered 25 Oct '09, 03:46

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Rich Seller

That was nice reading :) Great story!

(26 Oct '09, 11:07) Emi

We had our dog tell my brother and his girlfriend we were pregnant. We bought her a scarf that said "I'm the Big Sister" and had her run into their house and jump on them :)

We told our parents while showing them pictures of a recent vacation we took. When we were scrolling through the pictures (on the computer) at the end a picture came up with a closeup of the pregnancy test (which they didn't realize what it was), then the next picture was of me holding up a little onesie on my stomach. It was funny to watch the look on their faces as they tried to process what we were telling them :) They were so excited!

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answered 21 Oct '09, 14:01

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Shannon B
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We visited my parents, and my wife was complaining about some stomach pain. I told my parents in a matter-of-fact tone "I'm not worried about her, this is perfectly natural for the first trimester". Their chins dropped in astonishment =8-)

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answered 21 Oct '09, 16:58

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