I like food a lot and cook almost every night. My wife is newly pregnant and currently very sensitive to flavours and smells. I'm also aware that there are various foods you're supposed to avoid/use minimally during pregnancy. However a lot of the advice I've seen seems contradictory or lacking a scientific reason. I can work round the sensitive part but as a result of the paranoia we're currently eating pretty bland food.

What foods are you genuinely supposed to avoid? And does this differ in different stages of pregnancy?

If you can supply a link to a medical source explaining why to avoid it I'd be grateful.

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Belated congratulations!

(26 Nov '09, 01:47) Chris W. Rea

You are correct sometimes there is a long list of foods to avoid and not all sources agree. When I was pregnant and asked my Dr. he said the most important thing was to avoid raw fish, and certainly high mercury fish.


  • Do NOT eat any shark, swordfish, king mackerel, or tilefish (also called golden or white snapper) because these fish have high levels of mercury.
  • Do not eat more than six ounces of "white" or "albacore" tuna or tuna steak each week.
  • Do not eat more than 2 servings or 12 ounces total of fish per week.
  • Choose shrimp, salmon, pollock, catfish, or "light" tuna as they contain less mercury.

I had also read to avoid deli meats and soft cheeses due to listeria. Honestly I didn't take this too seriously until the listeriosis outbreak in Canada in 2008. Here's an article on listeriosis.



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Her OB should be able to provide a list of foods to avoid as well as a list of foods that are especially good during pregnancy. If you can narrow down which seasonings are setting her off (ie Mexican makes her sick, but Italian has no effect) you can ease up on or avoid just those combinations.

If she has any food allergies that would limit her intake of foods that are recommended, her OB can also suggest alternatives to make up for the lost nutrients.


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You could try looking at the answers given to this question: http://moms4mom.com/questions/2093/relief-for-nausea-during-pregnancy to see what other pregnant mums find appetising


answered 25 Nov '09, 19:36

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You may find some value to answers to this question: What foods should you avoid when pregnant?


answered 26 Nov '09, 08:05

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