My friend lives in the city and is looking for a great, durable stroller that she can navigate through snow, ice and slush every day. What did you use, and would you recommend it?

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UppaBaby does really well in the snow. As a rule, you want a stroller that either has a removable under basket or one that is set high enough off the ground that it won't catch snow drifts or banks. You should also look for large foam filled tires as opposed to hard plastic or air filled ones. The foam acts like an air tire but you don't get punctures. You want front tires that can swivel and lock into place for different conditions. Suspension is also really good, especially in the winter on bumpy, icy roads or paths. You also want a stroller with detachable fabric, that if it gets salty can go into the washer and dryer. Aluminum frames are great because they are sturdy but light enough to lift. You want a fairly large sun shade which will keep light dustings of snow off the child in quick trips into and out of malls and things and also a waterproof cover or attachment for more severe weather. I would also highly recommend either a sheepskin seat liner or a 'bundle me' bag that envelopes the child like a sleeping bag for longer stints outdoors. They make both specifically for strollers so that the harness straps go through slots and can still be used.


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I found that my jogging strollers (a Chariot & an old Norco High Roller) worked the best in winter conditions, primarily because they had tires as opposed to plastic wheels. The plastic wheels on my regular stroller were useless because the front ones would get caught in the ruts and turned 90 degrees - maybe if I could have locked them in a forward only position it would have been better, but that wasn't an option on my model.

A girlfriend of mine swears by her Bugaboo in snow, but they come with a pretty hefty price tag. They have some sort of winter tire setup although I don't know the specifics.


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It's not cheap, but this monster will get you through snow, bumps, and anything else you can throw at it


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The best stroller is the one you have with you. We've found that smaller, more portable strollers are much more convenient than the big tank-like strollers that you never want to bring anywhere because they're such a pain.


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Depending on how much snow we're talking about (I'm originally from Saskatchewan, Canada) I'd almost be inclined to go with a backpack of some sort.

Otherwise, one of those three-wheeled monsters intended for trails and jogging should do just fine.


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There is a brand new product that will be available later on this year. Check for details


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Snow Stroller
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Is this a CSA approved stroller?

(02 Nov '09, 02:22) Mark

CSA is currently reviewing the product

(27 Nov '09, 05:10) Snow Stroller

The Maxi Cosi... We had one and sold it to get a double stroller... Now I miss it a lot! It was great on the snow... It has tires instead of wheels so the stroller does not slide on the snow, the basket and seat are very high so it does not get too dirty and wet, it was amazingly comfortable for the baby and for us, especially because it is big but very very light!!


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