We are about to buy the furniture for our daughter's room and we are not sure about book shelves for her books/toys - the kind that have permanent shelves that are not movable or adjustable so they cannot come out. I want them to keep her stuff organized in wicker baskets but my Hubby thinks they are too dangerous as she will climb them. They would be anchored to the wall so they could not tip. Are they really that climbable? I have heard of kids climbing dresser drawers which I think would be easier. We can't not have anything in her room so what's best?

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We bought two bookshelves with interchangeable shelves for our daughters room when she was around 3, we kept books and some fragile things like music boxes on the top shelves and her toys, puzzles, and cuddly toys were arranged on the bottom two shelves. She was able to reach up comfortably to the third shelf from the ground.

All her attention was focused on those shelves and we made a point of telling her that you do not climb on furniture. We just told her that she could really hurt herself. This worked. We had secured the shelves to the wall as well. We used red fabric zip-up boxes as storage boxes. These boxes also fitted under her bed so she was able to have a good selection of her toys on hand. Additionaly we purchased a small table and a couple of chairs, so while on the one hand we told her that climbing up was a big "NO" we let her pull her chair up next to the bookshelves and step up. The deal was she would call one of us when she wanted to see something from the top shelves, and we would just supervise while she did that. That deal also worked for us and we have never had any falls.

I think its important that the things of interest for her are easily available, so that she can play and put away her toys with ease. We have had great success with IKEA kids furniture, partly because it is so well designed, efficient and practical.


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+1 for securing shelves to the wall

(22 Oct '09, 14:08) Chris W. Rea

We've used wicker baskets and plastic trugs for toys, and they're great. Sure, the kids will sometimes empty them and climb in - but there's little harm done. Climbing on book shelves would potentially cause a lot more damage. We also have a few of these basket + frame combinations from Ikea which work well.

For actual books, shelves or bookcases are best of course - but they should be firmly attached to the wall. I guess directly attached shelves aren't quite as dangerous, but a bookcase falling onto a child would be pretty serious. It's fairly easy to attach most bookcases to walls though - particularly if you have walls which can handle simple rawl plugs.

Our eldest son currently has two bookcases which are fairly heavily populated with books - whereas the twins (who are younger) have very few books in their bedroom - they're just on top of the chest of drawers. The rest of their books are in the living room. Where does your daughter "use" books (assuming it's still mostly you reading to her)? I wouldn't bother installing a bookcase until you really need it - for toys the solutions from the first paragraph are simpler, IME.


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+1 for securing to wall recommendation

(22 Oct '09, 14:08) Chris W. Rea

When we installed a closet organizer in our daughter's room, we also made sure it was securely attached into the wall (making sure it's into a stud in the wall). I agree that's important.

(22 Oct '09, 16:49) Scott ♦♦

Wicker baskets are great for climbing into for games, whereas climbing up drawers doesn't have the same attraction. I'm sure that our kids would have destroyed wicker baskets fairly swiftly through innocuous games -- it might not be dangerous to the children but the basket won't appreciate it, and it's not fun finding shards of woody stuff all over the room either.

We have bookshelves for books, and the toys mainly get strewn around the floor, but that's because we don't tidy up often enough! We do have a couple of "toy bins" -- something like this, which are great for soft toys or dressing-up clothes. For hard toys we have big plastic tubs in a stackage system, a bit like this.


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Our children love to play with wicker baskets from Ikea: they are far more resistant than I thought!

(22 Oct '09, 15:17) mouviciel
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