It seems like a common understanding that you should have a kid before the age of 30 and the chances of pregnancy complications increase thereafter. Is that really true ? I am 28 (almost 29 ;-) and I don't see myself having a child for the next 3 - 4 years !

Most of my female friends have kids and I am beginning to wonder if I am being to casual about the whole thing. I do want to have a kid some day but harbour no such feelings at the moment.

Should I start thinking about this more seriously ? Did anyone experience any particular issue with pregnancy in the 30s ?

Thank you !

Thank you everyone for your responses ! It has been most helpful ! I conclude that being pregnant at an age less than 35 is not so alarming these days, which is good to know !

It is lovely to get first hand information from people who have been through something than to filter out articles on the web, esp. since you don't know which ones to trust !

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Statistically speaking, ~35 is when you enter into high risk. After 35 you have an increased risk of:

  • Labor problems in first-time mothers
  • Chromosome abnormalities/genetic disorders including Down syndrome
  • Fertility problems
  • High blood pressure
  • Gestational diabetes
  • Multiple pregnancy
  • miscarriage
  • Placenta previa (a condition in which the placenta is in the wrong place and covers the cervix)
  • Needing a C-section

The above came from these. I highly recommend at least browsing all of them:


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Thank you for all those links ! The more information you read the more freaked out one gets ! :D

(23 Oct '09, 09:40) Preets

Right I'm a bloke so this is second hand information from my wife.

As you get older you will find it harder to get pregnant, or to help get pregnant if your a man.

Pretty much all the stuff my wife has talked about is mentioned in this article.

I would say that if you want a child and you would regret not having a child then get started :)


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That last line is a great point

(26 Oct '09, 12:49) Dinah

:), if only it were that easy !

(02 Nov '09, 15:23) Preets

I agree with the above.

Everyone's body is different though to put an age attached with an issue really can't be done because your 30 year old body can actually be closer to 40. This is all based on how you treat your body. Below is a good article about some issues that you can have from pregnancy over 40 that is worth reading. But don't get freaked out by all that information!

Pregnancy Over 40


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That is an interesting point about taking good care of your body on a day to day basis ! Thanks !

(23 Oct '09, 09:31) Preets

We had our first child just before my 35th birthday. Apart from Lily being 6 weeks premature, we had no complications and we are blessed with a beautiful happy girl.

But getting there for us was the challenge...

Firstly for us, neither of us were ready for children before now - for one thing, we hadn't met each other until our 30's! We were busy forging ahead with our careers and living life to it's fullest.

Secondly, by the time we were ready to have children, age was not on our side. After 2 years of trying to concieve, we resorted to IVF. I checked out all OK, but my partner not so... he has a low sperm morphology, which meant that 95% of his sperm is abnormally shaped and success of penetrating my eggs for fertilisation was low. Our specialist said that one of the key factors to low morphology was environmental - smoking, drinking and lots of partying - but isn't that what you do when you're young, single and without dependants?! He also added that our chances of success would have been much, much higher if we had tried in our 20's, but we hadn't met each other then!

Remember, infertility is not biased it can be either one of you, of even both of you! - in 40% of the cases it's the female, 40% the male and 20% both of you or just plain unknown. All the things that Dinah mentioned are true, and some you just can't prevent... but if you keep yourself well-informed, eat the right things and look after your body whilst you are pregnant, you can most certainly prevent a lot of them!


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Thanks for the information Lin. It is all very helpful.

(23 Oct '09, 09:38) Preets

I just had my first baby at age 37. The only problem was high blood pressure at the end of the pregnancy, the last few weeks. So, the labor was induced at week 38, which was not a problem for the baby. Everything else was fine, and no issues with the baby. But, I am sure it differs from women to women. Consider any problems your Mom or sister's had (if you have any) when they were pregnant if decide to wait.


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Thanks Betsy for your comments. Congratulations on the baby :) My mom had me when she was 25 so :) and my sis is a kid !

(02 Nov '09, 15:20) Preets

My wife got pregnant at 32, her sister at 34, with no problems.

Our obstetrician orders tests to see common genetic disorders (ie: down syndrome) after 36, so before that age I don't think there are major complications.


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Thats nice to know. So I supposed < 35 is quite safe these days.

(23 Oct '09, 09:31) Preets

The majority of my friends have had their children in their mid to late thirties without any complications. I agree with the above person about it probably also matters in how you treat your body.


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As Dinah said you aren't considered "high risk" until after age 35. I had my first child at 37 and my second at 38. I had gestational diabetes with both, but that was my only complication (and I had risk factors aside from my age). That being said, within my group of friends, many of whom are far younger than I and without any other risk factors, gestational diabetes seems to be running rampant.


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I became pregnant at 33 and gave birth just after my 34th birthday. There were no complications at all.

I sincerely think that your own thoughts on motherhood, your health, your partner, and your career will all contribute towards helping you decide when it is the right time for you.

Although I can't find you any updated statistics to back up my opinion I think that getting pregnant after 30 has certainly increased in several different countries. This site can give you information about the age trends of getting pregnant in different countries.Mothers35plus

I think the following paragraph explains why women are choosing to have children later in life quite nicely.

Is there a "right" time to have a baby


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Nice articles ! Thx ! Feels good to know that I am not alone !

(23 Oct '09, 09:37) Preets

Glad they helped a bit. ( My mother could never understand why I waited so long, but I just didn't feel ready either :)

(23 Oct '09, 09:53) Emi

My husband and I are thinking about our first child still. Just got married about year and half ago and am not excited yet about kids yet, want to enjoy the 2 yr honeymoon still-but concerned about complications for me after 30. My mother had her last kid at 40 and she was healthy no major complications. so there is hope for the 30's people out there.


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Thank you for an answer. I'm in the same boat as you are!

(27 Apr '10, 15:57) Preets
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