Is there a trick to introducing infants to solid food? My baby is almost 7 months and I've been trying to introduce him to solid food starting around 5 1/2 months. He's not interested at all. So far I tried rice cereal, sweet potatoes, pees, carrots, pears, and applesauce. I've tried both spoon feeding him and finger feeding him but he won't open up his mouth. I've also tried feeding him both in my lap and the high chair. I've also tried different consistencies (though nothing chunky).

I saw his pediatrician at 6 months and at that point he said to just keep experimenting with different foods until he got interested in something. However, he doesn't like anything. He's formula fed, not sure if that makes a difference or not. Also, he's just getting his first tooth.

I know most of a baby's nutrition the first year is suppose to come from formula/breastmilk. Do I just relax and not worry about it until later? At what point should I start worrying? Anyone else have infants that didn't like eating solids?

asked 23 Oct '09, 14:37

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Oh, I forgot, we also tried bananas :)

(23 Oct '09, 14:58) Kiesa ♦

Have you considered giving him a small amount of something sweet tasting (like pears) just after his milk/formula feed, the contrast in taste might just work!

(23 Oct '09, 18:28) Emi

I've been trying solid foods about an hour after his first meal of the day based on a suggestion I saw somewhere. Though maybe he be more willing to associate it with food right after. I'll give it a shot. I know I don't need to be too concerned yet, I'm just not sure when I should start worrying.

(23 Oct '09, 20:04) Kiesa ♦

It looks like others have posted some good articles! This might be a silly question, but have you tried mixing a little formula in with his food? It helps make the taste more familiar. As he gets used to it gradually cut back the amount of formula. We did this with both my kids.

Also, don't give up. I have read that it takes up to 10 tries of a food before a baby will accept it In our experience it has taken even longer. I have found my 6 1/2 month old daughter will open her mouth to accept food if I open mine, too. She also enjoys holding the spoon with me (messy, but it works)! With our son we moved very quickly from purees to finger foods. Some babies just don't like the texture of purees! If things really don't seem to improve talk to your ped again. Sometimes there can be a mechanical issue or a sensitivity to the feel of food in the mouth. This was the case with my niece. She went to a feeding clinic and they watched her eat and offered pointers.

It can be frustrating, but as much as possible try to take a low-key approach to the whole thing. As you said, your baby is still getting the nutrition he needs from his formula. I have seen many children in my practice (infant mental health) where the natural anxiety around this issue led to power struggles between the child and parents, which only worsened the problem. so, keep offering food, but never force it, respect babies refusal and try again another time. Best of luck, hope you see results soon!


answered 23 Oct '09, 20:03

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Excellent suggestions, thanks :)

(23 Oct '09, 20:59) Kiesa ♦

Try reading this article about baby led weaning. It might make you feel less stressed about it. We did this with our youngest, and it was the least stressful way I've introduced solids. The point about the majority of nutrition in the first year coming from milk is at the heart of it. The idea is that you are just allowing your baby to try flavours and textures out and get used to the idea of putting solid food in his mouth.


answered 23 Oct '09, 18:25

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Meg Stephenson
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Relax. He will know when it's time for solids and that time will eventually happen.

You may be interested in a similar question: Too early to start solids?


answered 23 Oct '09, 18:58

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It is just my opinion but I think that there could be a slim chance that babies who are formula fed may be used to a certain taste as compared to breast fed babies, (I was told that the taste of breast milk can differ from time to time because of what mums eat) so maybe this could be a reason why he is not showing any immediate interest in the different tasting foods.

When we began talking about solids our pediatrician recommended that I start with just a spoon at a time and to do so after a milk feed, then gradually reduce the milk and increase the amount of solid food. I guess hungry babies can be frustrated and less co-operative.

My daughter was showing signs that indicated she was ready for solids so we were able to cross over to solids relatively smoothly but even so it was a challenging time and required an extensive amount of patience.

Dealing with difficulties could be a good article for you to read.

Good luck


answered 23 Oct '09, 16:48

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I suppose that could be the problem. He did get some breastmilk through his 5th month but my supply was really low. I'll take at look at your link. Thanks :)

(23 Oct '09, 18:07) Kiesa ♦
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