I was just wondering if you should transition a child from their highchair to a booster seat at the table so they can feel apart of the dinner time. Is there a certain age this takes place at? I was hoping to keep my almost 2 year old in it as long as possible!

asked 23 Oct '09, 22:47

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Our daughter has used her booster seat from the beginning. There was essentially no difference between this and the highchair and we found it easier to have her sit at the table in her booster seat with us, as the highchair takes up so much space. On top of that, her booster seat is portable so we can bring it with us when we travel or visit. We ended up giving her high chair to the grand-parents for when we visit.


answered 23 Oct '09, 23:13

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Tammy ♦♦
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We went to the booster as soon as my little one could sit up completely on her own. I loved it cause I could reach her better and if anything were to happen I could get her out faster cause there was no tray in front of her.


answered 24 Oct '09, 03:48

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I agree with other posters that the earlier the better for practical reasons, but also for the social reasons you mention. I think feeling part of the family and eating together really helps the child to eat well and try new things.


answered 24 Oct '09, 13:56

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