I've heard the obvious comment that it can increase the chance of tooth decay, but are there other reasons as well?

asked 20 Sep '09, 04:52

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The most common reason would be to keep them from waking up at the same time the next night. The idea is if you feed them in the middle of the night they will get used to eating at that time.


answered 20 Sep '09, 12:20

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Tammy ♦♦
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I think we all know better than to feed them after midnight. :D

However, I can see why you might give your child milk, thinking it would help them get back to sleep. But water is probably your best bet.


answered 27 Oct '09, 03:07

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+1 for saying what I was thinking :) (about the gremlins, that is)

(29 Nov '09, 05:57) DarwinsMom

Do you mean "infant milk to a 12-month+ old" or "milk to 12-month+ old infant"?

If the former then my answer is:

because infant milk is overpriced and unnecessary (plus the reason given below)

If the latter:

because it's a hassle to have to keep getting up and getting it out of the fridge.

Unless you mean breastfeeding, in which case neither of those would apply. I personally have never come up with a good enough reason to stop that at night until they were over two.


answered 27 Oct '09, 14:01

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Meg Stephenson
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+1 @Meg, me either. Dream nursing rocks!

(29 Apr '10, 02:23) Neen

I would agree - the tooth decay is a major factor, esp. since you're probably not brushing his/her teeth right after a night-time feeding, plus, you probably want them to sleep through the night and not wake up expecting food. We left a sippy-cup of water within reach of our son overnight, so that if he woke up thirsty he could have a sip of water - no worrying about tooth decay there. We stopped this as he got older to cut down on the over-full diaper leaks we started to have. By this time (he's 2.5) he's OK with a sip of water/juice at bathtime, and then something to drink with breakfast (11-12 hrs later). I think the question here might be - why WOULD you want to feed a 12+ month old infant anything at night? Are there reasons to do so at all?


answered 21 Sep '09, 13:47

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From seeing the effects on friends' children, I'd go with the following reasons:

  • It's fattening
  • They come to expect it
  • It makes nighttime potty training harder

Our children generally take a swig of water before bed and that's it.


answered 29 Sep '09, 01:57

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