Are some kids naturally hotter or colder than others? My daughter is a pretty warm kid. She sweats easily and I do not like to over dress her as she gets cranky. The weather is getting cooler here and sometimes when we are out running errands, other parents look at me like I am crazy for not having her super-bundled. Likewise, sometimes I see other parents - especialy with newborns - that have them bundled in so many layers that I am surprised they can even find their child in all the blankets. It makes me wonder how that poor kid is functioning in all that.

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We've definitely seen our kids have different natural temperatures. One of our boys gets cold relatively easily, whereas his twin brother will happily sleep with no covers on in the middle of winter, and run around outside in just a T-shirt in cold weather.

I believe that over-wrapping newborns is a bit of a problem though - IIRC it's more dangerous for kids to be too hot than too cold, as if they're too cold they'll let you know about it. If they're too hot they may become more drowsy, so you won't know as quickly. This is only my memory of advice given by health visitors though.


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Our daughter is one of those "warm kids" too. Her feet and hands sweat very easily, (like her fathers) and she is generally always on the warm side. When she creeps into bed, she feels like an electric blanket. She doesn't like many layers and always prefers to be in a t-shirt with a cardigan, and does get very flustered if she feels like her clothing is on the warm side. She has always been like this, and we have always been careful not to over dress her.

So as an answer I would say that yes, in my opinion kids can regulate differnt tempertatures!


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My mother and I both have lower than average temperatures. I am usually about 97.5 degrees or so and have a hard time convincing people that I have a fever when I get to 98.6.

I wouldn't worry about the other parents' looks. I think it's completely plausible for your daughter to need less bundling than other kids. And she clearly isn't wanting for more layers. Let her be happy in cooler clothes. :)


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Ever since I was a child, my natural body temperature was so low that it's close to hypothermic. It scares the death out of doctors at first. Coincidentally, I abused this when I wanted to get out of school. My parents wouldn't fall for it but the school nurses would. As of the last few years it's raising a bit, probably due to adding some pounds lately.


answered 25 Oct '09, 16:00

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