Everyone seems to think Bugaboos are the best thing since sliced bread. I've seen the Mothercare Spin, however, and it seems quite impressive.

What's the best stroller for a newborn?

We'll need one that:

  1. Affords facing the parent or forwards;
  2. Is relatively easy to fold, preferably with a single hand;
  3. Hopefully will last for a while.

Price is not our main concern.

Thanks in advance!

asked 25 Oct '09, 22:21

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Is that "what's the best car for a newborn" a typo? Because depending on what stroller you buy, you may need to buy a new car too! :)

(11 Jan '10, 14:25) Benjol

Hah, it was a typo, thanks. :) In portuguese (my native language) car == stroller. Cheers!

(17 Jan '10, 22:16) pedromr

There are some good responses on this similar question http://moms4mom.com/questions/26/choosing-a-car-seat-and-stroller

We chose a Graco Quattro. The bucket car seat goes to 30 lbs and locks into the stroller for when you are going from car to stroller. The stroller (without the bucket) also lies flat so that you can use it alone and the baby can easily fall asleep. It maneuvers well, is sturdy and folds easily. The only negative is that it takes up a lot of space when folded.

My suggestion is to try out strollers in the store. Wheel it around, how easy does it move, turn? Are the brakes easy to use? Can you collapse it with one hand? (Remember the baby will be in the other arm)?


answered 26 Oct '09, 00:22

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Tammy ♦♦
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Thanks, I'll check it out. Yes, trying them in the store will really be a must, I see.

(27 Oct '09, 00:03) pedromr

+1 A friend also suggested taking a fairly heavy bag and putting it in the seat as the weight of the baby can make it much harder to handle

(19 Jan '10, 11:56) Rich Seller

+1 for Graco Quattro. This was the first thing we bought after we found out we were pregnant, and it has held up marvelously at the zoo (on dirt paths), at the grocery store, and pretty much everywhere else we have gone.

(19 Jan '10, 16:25) Matthew Jones

My favorite stroller for a newborn is the Snap n Go stroller. It was nice because it is portable, light and cheap. All you do is snap the infant seat into it. I got a nice umbrella stroller for when he was older.


answered 27 Oct '09, 01:22

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I agree, this is the best way to go for a newborn. Just make sure you get a stroller frame that fits whatever infant car seat you've chosen (they're not all compatible). They're so much lighter than a travel system, and easier to get in/out of the car.

Buying an inexpensive stroller frame also allows you to see whether your baby will like riding in a stroller--not all of them do! I would be really bummed if I bought a Bugaboo and my baby hated riding in the stroller.

(18 Jan '10, 01:57) BetsyB

We had one of these. Simple to use. Only complaint was that it took a lot of trunk space.

(23 Feb '10, 12:24) Rahn

We looked at a lot of strollers, including the bugaboo but ended up with the Strider DLX from Steelcraft. Key pluses that we liked:

  1. all accessories included so we didn't have to purchase them separately - sun shade, rain cover,
  2. foot muff optional bassinette
  3. optional baby capsule
  4. large canopy
  5. HUGE shopping basket
  6. very tight turning circle
  7. solid, sturdy construction
  8. forward or rear facing option
  9. cool bright colours to choose from

Having the optional baby car capsule was a god send for us! Not having to wake your sleeping baby to transfer her from the car to the stroller and back again, especially for when you run errands is fantastic.

The only 2 down sides are that it's pretty wide and you just have to be mindful of that when going through supermarket checkouts or navigating your way through cafes (but we knew this before we bought). The other is that at the time we purchased, there was no optional toddler seat available - BUT!!!... apparently the new model now has one!


answered 25 Oct '09, 22:56

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Wow, that sounds great! Can you actually change from forward to rear facing with the baby in it? I'll check it out.

(27 Oct '09, 00:02) pedromr

yes you can - we do it all the time when we are at restaurants as we like our baby facing us when we're walking, but outward facing when we're at the table so she can be with us without the stroller bar in view!

(27 Oct '09, 05:58) Lin

update: 2 months after making this comment, we ended up joining the bugaboo club and bought a cameleon! When our baby started sitting up, we found that the Strider's seat did not sit upright enough for her and we found ourself propping her up with pillows as she liked to sit right up and see what was going on around her. we absolutely love our bugaboo and it has all the things I listed (except accessories are extra), plus more!!

(11 Feb '11, 08:52) Lin

The best stroller to me is the easiest to get in and out of the car.

With my first daughter I went with the big fancy kind. I had to get it out in advance then make sure all the levers wer in the right place. It became more of a pain then a Help.

My second daughter we went with a uumberella stroller. It was a nice kind that would lay back while the baby was small then sit up taller when child got bigger. Here is a link



answered 26 Oct '09, 01:56

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Like the answer above, we chose the Graco Quattro travel system--great! My little girl is almost 2 and we still use it.


answered 27 Oct '09, 02:11

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We have a silver cross 3d and it is brilliant. (http://www.silvercross.co.uk/our-range/pram-systems/3D/)

Of all the parents who had babies around the same time as us they have all now got another stroller (mclaren folders) but as the silver cross is about the same size once you take off all the baby padding we haven't had to buy another.

It is a pram when the little one is very little, it takes the car seat while they are growing up but still faces you. Then turns into a forward facing pushchair to let your little one see the world an point etc. When it is forward facing it will lie flat for naps.

Mamas and Papas also do one that is similar.

Finding one however that is easy to fold one handed is going to be tough, especially one that does the pram stuff. However the silver cross and the mamas and papas are easy to fold.

When looking, make sure you take into account the size of your car boot! (Trunk for Americans) 3 wheelers for all their jogging ability and off road ability are generally massive when folded. We looked at a Graco non-three wheeler and was taken with it but it wouldn't fit in my boot when folded, and I have a Citroen C4 which isn't a small car! (For Americans size of a Ford Focus/VW Golf)


answered 26 Oct '09, 08:21

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Sounds good, I'll definitely check it out. Thanks!

(27 Oct '09, 00:02) pedromr

I used PegPerego Pliko P3 for both of my 2 kids since they're born until 2yo. It is confortable to sleep, easy to fold, not too heavy and very solid.


answered 22 Feb '11, 08:54

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My recommendation goes for Pliko P3 from Peg Perego. It's super compact, ergonomic and solid. Have nothing to say against this strollers. 10 points. (out of 10 :)


answered 04 May '12, 02:44

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