We're in the market for a good baby monitor. Features we are after:

  1. 2 parent units
  2. minimal interference
  3. good range
  4. 2-way "walkie talkie" function (if can go between parent units as well, that would be a bonus!)
  5. room temperature reading on parent unit

Can anyone recommend a good unit?

asked 25 Oct '09, 23:01

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Scott ♦♦

Why do you need a room temperature reading on the parent unit? Did you mean the baby unit?

(26 Oct '09, 11:09) Paul Stephenson

You get ones where the parent unit will show the temp reading from the baby unit

(26 Oct '09, 12:37) user-585 (google)

right now, our baby sleeps in our room with us, and we have a grobag egg that displays the current temperature and glows in different colours according to the temperature range - great at a glance in your sleepy state! http://grobag.com.au/range_pages.aspx?id=2. as the temp in our house can vary quite a lot... I'm paranoid about the risk of SIDS and our baby being too hot or too cold when she sleeps. Having the temp reading of her room on the parent unit in our room will put me at ease

(27 Oct '09, 06:06) Lin

Whatever you choose, look for a digital model. We purchased a Summer Day & Night Handheld Color Video Monitor and the constant interference introduces audio and video static that is reminiscent of a horror film.


answered 26 Oct '09, 00:26

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thanks for the tip on digital - i'll be sure to make sure the one we chooses is digital!

(26 Oct '09, 06:35) Lin

I don't know of any that give you a temperature reading, but if you want to get real fancy (and more expensive) you can get them with video now instead.

I will second the notion that you do want to spring for a digital model. We had a the older analog versions at first and they just didn't work well: too much interference even after moving to a house rather than an apartment building.

Practically, that means looking for a 900Mhz model rather than a 49Mhz model, and it means spending a little more money. This is a good item to look online for, as you can usually find them a little cheaper that way and they're small enough that the shipping won't kill you.

Many recent models now have a feature where there's a set of lights that get brighter or more light up as the baby gets louder. My wife and I really appreciated this mode, especially if for example one of use was home alone. We could have headphones on listening to an iPod (so as not to disturb the baby), but the monitor would be in plain sight and we would still know if something was up.


answered 26 Oct '09, 01:51

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Joel Coehoorn
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I like the idea of the lights - thanks Joel

(26 Oct '09, 06:36) Lin

there are quite a few monitors in Australia that display the room temp on the parent units

(26 Oct '09, 06:37) Lin

It might be a regional thing; combination of higher temperatures and less A/C maybe.

(27 Oct '09, 00:37) Joel Coehoorn

We have one with the lights and it was great with our kids who like to complain a little before going to sleep. Just make sure you turn it up before you go to bed. My other tip is don't buy one where the parents unit doesn't have a battery.

(22 Feb '10, 23:50) K D

We use a Angelcare Monitor. It has a sensor pad that goes under the baby's mattress to detect their tiny movements (such as breathing) and lets off an alarm if it can't detect any movement. The parents' unit does display the temperature of the nursery and it has many different channels to ensure that you do not get any interference. I can't find any information about the range on the monitor, but I have walked across the street to my mailbox and it was still working (I could hear the music in the nursery playing). Both parent units are portable and have a charger stand to recharge them. You can also turn on a feature on the monitor to hear a ticking noise so you know that the sensor pad is picking up the baby's breathing.

The only thing it doesn't have is the walkie talkie feature you're looking for. We have used these monitors for the last 8 months and love them! I always found it reassuring when I woke up in the night, I could hear the ticking on the monitor so I knew my boys were breathing and safe & sound.

There are a bunch of reviews on this monitor on the Babies-R-Us website, as well as reviews on other monitors. I always read all of the reviews before I make any purchases, so maybe you could look at all of their monitors and see which ones have the best reviews for what your looking for! Good luck!


answered 26 Oct '09, 02:22

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Shannon B
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thanks Shannon I'll definitely be checking out some reviews. I've looked at the Angelcare ones and I would be choosing them if only they had 2 way communication which none of theirs do. Movement sensor pads are a good feature for piece of mind

(26 Oct '09, 06:39) Lin
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