I love the idea of using a baby wrap or baby-wearing as I have heard it called. The only problem is, there are so many different brands out there, I am curious which one is most user friendly, as well as durable.

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Thanks for the info everyone. At least I have a starting place. I have never used any of these before but I always thought the idea of the long piece of jersey like fabric looked much more comfortable for both Mom and baby.

(27 Oct '09, 03:38) Tannis

I tried the Baby Bjorn, but I have a bad back so I could only use it for 10 minutes with my infant before my back started to hurt, so I ended up returning it. My friend recommended the Moby Wrap. I can now even carry my 13 month for over an hour in it without my back hurting. I've even carried my 2 year old in it because you can wrap it different ways to adjust with the size of your child. You can wear them on your front or if older on your back.

The only drawback is that it takes a few tries to get the hang of how to put it on and it's awkward to put on in a hurry especially if you are outside because it needs to hang on the ground for a minute until you can fully wrap it around you. Because of my back I feel the pros outweigh the con that it is awkward putting it on. ALSO my husband will not wear this in public. Although I see they have a cool camo print now. :) But I love it. Although I have not done this myself, there is a way to nurse using this wrap, so that might be a nice feature.

Because this is one VERY long piece of stretchy fabric it is machine washable which can come in handy if your baby has a diaper blow out or spits up on it. I've had mine for over a year now and it still looks new.


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I had the same experience with the Baby Bjorn. Ouch!

(02 Nov '09, 06:50) Emily

In my opinion and the opinion of those in the links below, the Baby Bjorn aka Crotch Dangler, isn't good for your baby's spine or your back. In my opinion and the opinion of those in the links below, they put too much weight on your baby's spine and pelvis. Your baby is being help up by his/her crotch. Plus, the only thing that supports the baby's weight are the straps that wrap over your shoulders. In my opinion and the opinion of those in the links below, to be comfortable, a carrier should wrap around your waist too. In my opinion and the opinion of those in the links below, soft shell carriers that support your baby by the bum are the best types. Your baby will be in a seated position. Soft shell carriers are ones like the Ergo, BabyHawk, Pikkolo or Beco Butterfly. I like my Beco now that my son is bigger. I was not a fan of the BabyHawk type carriers because I prefer using buckles. I find it easier to get on and off. It is also easier to do a back carry in a Beco because the baby is buckled into the Beco. This is a picture of my son in a Beco:


I also really liked the Moby for the newborn stage. It is a little intimidating at first, but once you get the hang of it, it is a very versatile wrap. I did find it a little more trouble when out and about but I found that it was easy to put on at home and then just stick my son in once we got to our location. Newborns tend to like Moby's because you can get their arms and legs all wrapped up in it and they feel more secure.

Here's a picture of the Moby in use:


Links for those who requested them, it's pretty much common sense though, would your rather spend an hour dangling by your crotch or sitting on your butt? You'll be hard pressed to find a babywearing momma recommending a bjorn. I was given one as a gift and used it until I was informed by those more knowledgeable than me that they aren't the best carriers. And regardless of the issue of the baby in the carrier, Bjorns just aren't that comfortable. I suggest going to a local babywearing store and trying on different carriers. You will see quickly that a carrier with waist support is much more comfortable.

portable baby Infant carriers and spinal stress Why I think Forward Facing Stinks


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Do you have citations for the Bjorn actually not being good for you? We used it with no ill effect, as have millions of others. Though some parents/babies certainly find other things comfortable. But for those who are ok with it, is there any credible evidence (not from Bjorn's competitors) that there's a problem?

(26 Oct '09, 20:51) lgritz

@Sarah: Thanks for the clarifications you've made.

(27 Oct '09, 04:20) Scott ♦♦

Sarah you've given me food for thought to see from a different perspective... now I'm not so sure about my Bjorn!!

(27 Oct '09, 12:05) Lin

I stopped using our baby bjorn for the same reasons you described. And I also love carrying our baby in the beco.

(16 Nov '09, 03:22) cat_g

Thanks for your suggestion of the Beco, I hadn't heard of it before. My baby has outgrown the baby Bjorn, which worked fine for our needs, and I needed an upgrade as the older he gets the more he seems to want me to hold him. For others that might be wanting a comparison chart of carrier options, I found this helpful: http://www.theportablebaby.com/carrierfeatures.html It's a commercial website so may be biased in one way or another but still was quite helpful when I wanted a comparison between the Ergo and Beco.

(23 Jan '10, 00:05) Kiesa ♦

when my baby was a newborn, i used a sling i found at target for $30 and she loved it-- alas, she also grew out of it fairly soon, and as she did, i began to notice her weight pulling on the shoulder that held up the sling. uncomfortable.

i began to do a little more research and bought a "SleepyWrap".... i cannot express how sorry i am that i didn't have one of these little wonders from the start!!! it's a long,super soft, tee-shirt-like material, very easy to learn how to wear, and best of all: it supports every little part of a newborn, including their tiny heads and necks. my baby instantly relaxed into her sleepywrap and both of us are very happy.

it's easy to wash, adjusts to anyone who wants to carry the baby, you can breastfeed in it and nobody will have a clue that you're feeding your little one, and as my little baby is growning, i still don't feel like i'm even carrying her weight!! her weight is distributed very evenly between both shoulders and my back.

i like, as well, that you can let the baby's legs go "free" or tuck them up closer to mommy for weather or sleeping. and it's front or mommy-facing. and it's easy to roll up and take wherever. and there aren't any buckles to strain to close (found lots of these on alternative methods of baby-wearing).

i sound like a commercial here, but i really really love my sleepywrap and think it's a must-have for all new mommies. every part of the baby is supported and close to mom, and that makes happy babies.

i got mine at sleepywrap.com for around $40. completely worth every penny. enjoy your baby!


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Oh wow the SleepyWrap looks exactly like the Moby Wrap, intersting. http://www.sleepywrap.com/ http://www.mobywrap.com/

(27 Oct '09, 03:20) Sabrina

I think it really depends on your body type. A reputable store should let you "try before you buy" and help you achieve the proper fit. Or, try buying used just incase the carrier is not the one for you - I've found that slings etc are easy to find on used-goods sites (like kijiji if you're in North America).

I personally used a Hot Sling and a Baby Bjorn. Although I still use both occasionally, I tended to use the sling more when the kids were brand new or when I was just doing things around the house and they needed a cuddle. Once they got a little bigger, the Baby Bjorn was handy because they had more use of the limbs and weren't so bunched-up.

Another thing that was nice about the Baby Bjorn was that my husband (who is almost a foot taller than me) could also use it - the sling was sized just for me and definitely did not fit him!

Both are definitely durable and machine-washable. The sling took a little practice when it came to getting the baby in and comfortable, but they have videos on the website to help you if you get stuck.

Good luck in your search - my carriers were a godsend for the first couple months of having 2!


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Definitely the Baby Bjorn! I've also got a babasling http://www.babaslings.com/ - lots of people rave about these kind of slings, but for me I didn't find them comfortable and I didn't feel confident that my baby was secure in it.

Like Kate, both my partner and I use our Baby Bjorn and he is also a great deal taller than me - readjustment to fit him is a breeze. Sometimes I even use it at home when our little one gets clingy and I need to get stuff done. Our daughter loves to fall sleep in it! We have the Baby Bjorn Active which has added back support.

You can also buy these special washable bib things that you can attach to the Baby Bjorn to keep it clean between washes - they are really handy. And you can also get "sleeping bags" to attach for the cooler weather.


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I used a hotsling for when my little one was very little, I transitioned to both a BabyHawk and now use the Ergo for the most part. I love the Ergo, my husband and I can both use it, it is versatile, can be used from 4 months (I think earlier with an infant insert) up to 40lbs. We still use it with my 2 year old.


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Like the Ergo a lot, but I wish it worked with the baby facing out.

(04 Nov '09, 16:28) Scottie T

I used a sling but didn't like the "crooked" way it seemed to pull my body. I've loved my Moby and have given them as gifts for several years now. They're very versatile and can be worn by multiple sizes of people (i.e. both my husband and myself).Slings are generally sized and we would need different sizes.

I've also recently begun using a Kozy Carrier (Asian inspired). It also can be worn by multiple differently sized people and has worked great for my toddler.

I've heard great things about Ergo, but have never tried one.

Good luck with your decision!


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I like ring slings for daily use, and mei tais for extended wear (like a trip to the beach, or if your baby needs a nap during a church service.)

I've found the best sling to be an unpadded ring sling. It is the most adjustable/versatile and also usually the cheapest (generally a good one is around $40-60). You can get them all over online. Search Etsy for handmade slings and you'll find lots of moms who make them (myself included.)


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I love the Ergo carrier. It is similar to the Bjorn, but distributes the baby's weight between your shoulders and your hips which is so much more comfortable! I used it at the newborn stage as well as when my daughter was older but my absolute favorite for the newborn stage is the Baby Buddha Wrap. It is similar to the Moby wrap in function, but is a set of three pouch-like tubes that are extremely easy to get on, so there is no learning curve when it comes to tying those long tails! Ours was the go-to item for a fussy baby!


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I use both the Moby and the Ergo and love them both. When DD was tiny, she liked to snuggle in the Moby and sleep with her head on my chest. DH preferred the Ergo while in public, and I like how quickly you can get it on and off (especially important when baby is crying). Now that DD can control her head, I wear her facing out in the Moby, which you can't do with the Ergo. I recommend searching Craigslist for slings/wraps/carriers as many people buy them new, try them once or twice and decide to get rid of them.


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