My 6-year-old always chews with his mouth open. If he is reminded, he closes his mouth, but then he forgets 20 seconds later. How can I teach him to eat politely?

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asked 26 Oct '09, 04:52

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I don't have a 6 year old, but I have taught strategies on how to break "bad habits" to this age group before, although not with eating. What about doing some sort of boot camp where you pick one meal a couple times a week(not every meal and not everyday) where he has to hold his finger on his cheek while he chews to "remind" him to keep his mouth closed. Maybe if he did this a few times he would start to remember. I think 6 year olds are probably easily distracted and not necessarily doing it to be rude. He might need to do something along this line to help break his "bad habit."

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answered 26 Oct '09, 08:20

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I think that's one of the things you just have to keep remind him of until he gets it. It's definitively not worth fighting over unless he does it to tease you. But then you have to reprimand the teasing and not the chewing since the child obviously has understood that chewing with an open mouth is a bad thing at that point.

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answered 26 Oct '09, 05:29

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This is our take on swearing as well (for really little ones, not for 6 year olds). They don't know that it's a swear word they've picked up so I don't feel right punishing or being harsh for that. They do know if they're being disobedient or using a word to get a reaction from us and that I will punish.

(26 Oct '09, 12:47) Dinah
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