Although I see a question related to dogs and a baby's arrival, how does one prepare a cat or set of cats for a baby's arrival?

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We have 2 cats. When we brought home our first boy of twins (the other was in the NICU) we introduced him to the cats. It was within 10 minutes that one of the cats jumped across the bed and landed on my newborn son who was in my arms at the time. My son was crying instantly, probably more in shock than anything else.

I was livid with the cat at the time, but we haven't had any more bad experiences like that since. The boys now even pull the cats' hair and the cats are fine with it.

To be safe though, I would highly recommend that you always close the nursery door when putting your baby to sleep, and make sure that there are no cats hiding in the room. I'm mostly concerned with suffocation.

We also try to keep the nursery door closed when we are not using it to minimize the amount of cat hair left behind in the boys' cribs. In case of allergies.

I would recommend letting the cat discover the baby on the cat's terms. The cat will investigate on their own. Before the baby's arrival, you could bring a receiving blanket from the hospital like someone previously suggested. Let the cat sniff it out and if they want to, sleep with it.

If your cat hasn't been checked out by the vet recently, you could also setup an appointment before the baby's arrival to make sure everything is ok with the cat.


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I have three cats and there wasn't much that I could do to prepare them for the arrival of our son. I've heard that you should bring home a blanket or something with the scent of your baby home ahead of time but if you are leaving the hospital within 48 hours of delivery I don't see how it is possible to do that.

We just treated bringing our son home the same as if we were bringing home a new animal. We kept him separated at first, which was kind of easy since we spent most of our days in the nursery. Then little by little we allowed them to smell him and sometime rub against him. Maybe we were lucky that they were so easy going about the whole thing. The only thing that they seemed upset about was the reduction of petting. I couldn't pet them as often as I used to but when the baby was sleeping I tried to make an effort to call them to me and give them love. To let them know that I still had time for them even if it was only part of the day versus all day long.


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With our cat, we set up the nursery in advance and then let the cat wander around and get used to the new furniture. When we brought our son home, we would hold him up near the cat and let her sniff him and decide whether to leave the area or stay put. Now that he's mobile, we monitor his interactions with the cat (she usually runs off if she's not in one of our laps).


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If you've been pregnant around your cat(s), it'll know something is up for a long time, before you bring a baby home. We had the nursery set up before and ours hung out in it quite a bit before bring either of our two kids home. For the most part our cats ignored the children until they were older. This isn't to say that you aren't going to have some odd behavior like marking after the baby comes home, but I would guess this is going to vary from cat to cat. Cat's don't like changes in their environment so changing anything could have adverse consequences.


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