I don't mean a little bit. We're talking constant finger-in-nose, in public. At 3, I know it's normal and he'll grow out of it. But it's still yucky, not the healthiest thing to do with flu viruses around, and at the very least I'd like him to avoid grossing out strangers. He's otherwise a kid with truly impeccable manners, but seems not to be able to control himself on this particular issue.

Any suggestions?

asked 27 Oct '09, 13:27

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It sounds like he's picking his nose because something is in there and bothering him. So start by teaching him the best way to remove those little annoyances properly. See if you can make a game out of him blowing his nose into a kleenex. Perhaps you can reward him with something small (like a single mini marshmallow or M&M) any time he comes to you to blow his nose.

He'll also need a reason to remember not to pick besides the reward for clearing his nose politely. I'd recommend just saying "no" and gentling pulling his hand away from his face when you see him do this. You might also want to wash his hands or put sanitizer on them after he picks to help him learn that it's a health issue.

I hope this helps!


answered 27 Oct '09, 13:51

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I agree with Artemis about there could be something bothering him, and if so showing him and helping him clear his nose is really important. For us it was easiest to get her do that just after a bath, it took a while to teach her how to blow her nose.

I am not one for giving rewards for not doing something when you're not supposed to do it anyway... but thats just my personal opinion. We have the attitude of "no, thats not nice" Then repeat the same questions each time, that are likely to have the same answer.

"Do you see anyone else doing that?" "no"

Do you see mummy or daddy doing that? "no"

*Does SpongeBob pick his nose?" "no"

Thats how we got ours to not enjoy picking her nose.!


answered 27 Oct '09, 14:33

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I guess I was unclear. I meant to reward him for the good behavior of clearing his nose the right way. My parents used a similar reward system for potting training.

(28 Oct '09, 03:04) Artemis

@artemis :-) I see, you are right. Rewarding in that sense makes alot more sense! We just avoided the whole issue after seeing scenes where the child is offered a reward just to do what the parent wants, incredible scenes at parks, malls,& other peoples houses! Thanks for clarifying!

(28 Oct '09, 05:05) Emi
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