My wife gave birth to our first child on Oct 15, and we have had a lot of fun getting to know the little guy. Out of curiosity, I was wondering if it is possible to do anything to help the little one learn or improve skills, such as games and activities, or if energy spent in that direction is wasted because he is simply too young.

Would love to hear suggestions, thoughts!

asked 27 Oct '09, 23:09

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Matthew Jones
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I wouldn't be too concerned about learning skills at this stage. Just interacting with him naturally will provide the stimulation he needs to thrive and grow. However, it's never too young to begin reading to the baby. According to Baby Read-Aloud Bascis listening to your voice is very soothing to a newborn. Also, it helps them to start figure out how words fit together and the rhythms they create.


answered 27 Oct '09, 23:30

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Kiesa ♦
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One of the earliest games I played with my daughter was "peekaboo!" If you don't know what I'm talking about, let me know and I'll explain how it's played :-)


answered 27 Oct '09, 23:29

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Chris W. Rea
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Please explain.

(28 Oct '09, 15:17) JJJ

If I must :-) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peekaboo

(28 Oct '09, 20:25) Chris W. Rea

You could try making faces at him. Young babies are supposed to be able to copy your facial expressions. Also, I would recommend The Social Baby to help you interpret what your baby is telling you.


answered 28 Oct '09, 10:01

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Meg Stephenson
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+1 I tried this, and he copied me (for a second or so).

(04 Nov '09, 19:13) Matthew Jones

I don't know if there are a lot of "games" or even activities you can do with your little one. One thing that we did a lot of was play music for our child and sing to him. Just something a little more interactive than talking with him. I think in the next few months you can start to work on having your baby track objects or even try to grasp something with their hands. Enjoy your "down" time for now because soon you are always going to have to be playing with him :)!!


answered 28 Oct '09, 00:32

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Melissa 1
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With me and my girls we did Sign language. Baby signs are the best thing in the world it gets the little one seeing the movement of your hand, hearing the words that you are signing, and you can put the signs with songs and toys. Baby sign is a fun thing to do with your little one it also jumps starts the language.

these are two really great site to check out

http://www.signingbaby.com/main/ http://www.babies-and-sign-language.com/


answered 28 Oct '09, 03:09

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We would sing to her a lot, she soon had favorite songs she liked to hear, or ones that would calm her down. Also, I started saying nursery rhymes to her. It is never too early to start teaching them nursery rhymes, such as Jack and Jill, Humpty Dumpty....etc. She is now 10 months, and she loves it when I sing and say the nursery rhymes with her. Also, I stated sign language with her, and we still do the signs with her, though she still does not make the signs herself yet.


answered 28 Oct '09, 23:57

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We sang Jesus Loves Me a lot to our daughter. Then with our son, I would sing My God is so Big and do the hand/arm motions with his hands which he really enjoyed.


answered 29 Oct '09, 02:27

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Talking, reading, and singing to him are the best things you can do at that age. My husband read the book "Bright from the Start" and it talks about the most beneficial games/activities at each age.

Other things you can do are infant massage, play with his hands and feet, and just hold him.


answered 12 Nov '09, 13:44

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