My baby was on Enfamil A+ for the last two months. He always had trouble passing his bowel movements and would struggle with major gas and cry for the hour before he did one. I asked the doctor and she suggested I switch to a lower iron formula.

I switched within the same brand, Enfamil, and started the lower iron formula seven days ago. It seems as though the problem has gotten worse- my baby now wakes up crying and grunting every hour of the night, whereas he slept through to each feeding before. Is his system just getting used to the new formula? How long is the transition period for his body to get used to something new? Should I switch back to the other kind, or give this one more time? And if I switch back, will he have to go through another transition period to get used to that one again?

p.s. The weird thing is, is he has no reaction to the food during the day...Just at night.


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After seven days, I'd definately go back to the doctor and report - especially if the problems are worse. It may have been a misdiagnosis.

When getting ours onto a new formula, the only difficulty was getting him to accept the taste - and that only took a day. His reflux cleared up almost instantly, so it didn't take long at all for his body to get used to it - I would expect a few days at the most though.


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It should only take 2-3 days to completely adjust. Try the Enfamil Lactose Free - see if that helps - doctors often don't know - you are better off phoning the Enfamil help line - you can find the number on their website.


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im having the same problem, all i can say is talk to ur doctor and see what he/she says sorry hope this helped


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Hey! Just so you know, there is hope! I asked that question about a year ago, and what I learned was it takes about a WEEK for the baby to get used to the new formula- but I first had to go through some sleepless nights..I guess because their digestive systems are so immature, a change in food takes a bit of a toll!

(30 Oct '10, 15:04) DazedandConfused

I don't think I can help you with this. I am breast feeding my girl. She would never take to the formula, or the bottle. We tried bottle feeding for several months, but she would not take the bottle.


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