Out of curiosity, what Halloween costumes have you used when pregnant?

I'm past seven months right now and just finished my "jack-o-lantern" costume. I kept it simple by just getting some orange fabric and black puff paint. I'm going to tie the fabric around my belly, so it will really just be the baby's costume. :) My previous idea had been to go as a "Magic 8-Ball" with felt triangles I could switch out at will. A friend discouraged me from this saying that people would try to shake my belly. :)

I'd like to hear about your own costumes (with pictures if you have them!) I will hopefully be able to post one after this weekend (if I can snag a camera.)

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Quick edit: I probably won't "accept" a single answer. I just wanted to see everyone's ideas!

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asked 28 Oct '09, 22:08

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Tammy ♦♦


I think the Magic 8 Ball idea is cute. You could even have a triangle that says something like "Congratulations Mommy"

(29 Oct '09, 22:42) mkcoehoorn

I think I'll have to resurrect that idea if I have another winter baby. :)

(29 Oct '09, 22:59) Artemis

Why is this question a different color in the questions list?

(22 Dec '09, 19:29) JJJ

@Juan Manuel - For Halloween!

(22 Dec '09, 20:10) Artemis

This really only works with a certain crowd, but when I was 7 months pregnant with my first I went as "300-lb Homer" - Homer Simpson from the episode in which he gains 300 pounds to qualify for disability. It's a pretty specific look - I got a long sleeved blue nightgown, attached some pink felt flowers that I cut out, found a white page boy hat and a cape. It was a huge success (no pun intended!!)

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answered 29 Oct '09, 23:27

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Here is a link I found with some funny ideas for you.

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answered 28 Oct '09, 22:19

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What we were going to do (except we waited til the last minute and barely had time to even throw together the jack o lantern) was to (somehow) affix a hamburger bun to a shirt and use a cardboard box to build an oven around it

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answered 30 Oct '09, 01:09

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That's good... really good.

(30 Oct '09, 04:06) Scott ♦♦

Pumpkin! Orange shirt from Goodwill and black electrical tape. Make the face only around the belly. Made that this year for a party last weekend. It went over really well.

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answered 29 Oct '09, 02:02

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sounds like my jack-o-lantern should go over pretty well.

(29 Oct '09, 22:36) Artemis

A friend of ours painted a silly face on the bump, made a giant top hat to hide her face, and ended up looking like a strange humpty-dumpty type... thing...

With the bump hanging out though, definately only one for indoor parties!

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answered 30 Oct '09, 09:45

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pete the pagan-gerbil
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I went as a nun!

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answered 30 Oct '09, 19:44

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Liz H
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that'd be hilarious because I almost became a nun. :)

(30 Oct '09, 22:37) Artemis

A friend of ours dressed as a cow. Complete with udders sticking out of the belly. It was a really funny costume and everyone really got a kick out of it.

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answered 09 Nov '09, 02:42

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Kurt W Leucht
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Not a Halloween costume, but for a wedding. They had a 70's themed reception, and we had to come in costume for the reception. I was eight months pregnant at the time. My Mom had a wild skirt that was from the 70's. She made it into a dress for me.

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answered 28 Oct '09, 23:44

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