How old are babies when they can hold their own bottle?

How old are they when you can put them in their cribs awake and they will fall asleep on their own?

asked 29 Oct '09, 20:03

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Own bottle holding began at 6 months. ( she was breastfed solely until then )

As for sleeping and crib time, as I recall ours would stare up at her mobile for ages, we would go back and fourth checking to see if she was asleep, but she was always just calm looking up at the toy figures from 3 months onwards. However she didn't like falling asleep like that though, and prefered be held or having her forhead stroked as she nodded off!!!!

Sleep issues got easier after the first 6 months with regard to nodding off or falling asleep alone.


answered 29 Oct '09, 21:19

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Wow I'm trying to remember... I think my daughter could hold her own bottle around 4-5 months?

Having them fall asleep on their own is more complex and you are likely going to get a variety of answers. We tried to start putting our daughter down for naps/night awake but sleep as soon as possible. Probably around 3-4 months she was able to stay awake more often when she was being fed. Although she often fell asleep while drinking her bottle well into her 5th month.


answered 29 Oct '09, 20:59

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From 3 months as soon as my son showed signs of tirdness, rubbing his eyes. I would put him in his cot to let him go to sleep on his own. I know find if he wakes during the night he is able to re-settle himself.

He is 17 weeks now and he likes to hold on to the bottle but can't hold it himself if that makes sense.


answered 30 Oct '09, 07:04

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Phil Seller
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Our daughter was around 7 months old when she started holding her own bottle.


answered 31 Oct '09, 02:45

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