I am a 1st time mother of a 6 week old baby boy, I plan to breast feed for 1 year, however I pump exclusively and bottle feed, due to him being premature and not able to latch, I worked on that everyday for the first 4 weeks and it just didn't work for us.However, I returned to work this week and I am only working 6.5 hr days, but unfortunately I am NOT allowed to pump at work,and I DO NOT get a break. I work in a small office and I am required to be availabe to clients and the Dr. at all times. I have noticed in just these 3 days that my milk production has dwindled to the point where I am almost do not produce enough to feed my baby. I was getting any where from 40-50 oz a day and now maybe just have 28 oz on a good day and that is a major struggle.I am having to resort to my supply I have frozen which I used the last of this morning. What can I do? I refuse to give up and put him on formula. Any suggestions?

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What country are you in? If in the US, what state? Some countries, and some some US states have laws that state you have a right to breastfeed or express milk in the workplace.

(30 Oct '09, 11:48) Meg Stephenson

Florida, and thank you I was not aware of that.

(30 Oct '09, 12:35) Becky 1

definitely check to see what rights you have.

(30 Oct '09, 18:35) Michelle


Have you tried contacting the Florida La Leche League? They'll be able to tell you whether there are state laws protecting your right to pump. Florida appears to protect breastfeeding, but I'm not sure if that extends to pumping as well.


answered 30 Oct '09, 13:12

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We also had a premmie baby (born @34 weeks) and she had incredible trouble with attachment too. She was fed through a tube in her nose for a few weeks until she learn to suckle, but when she did, boy did she rip me to threads... she was getting enough milk, but just not doing me any good - my nipples were sore and cracked and I was so engorged I felt like I was going to bust.

Whilst she was in hospital for 3 weeks, in between breastfeeding attempts I pumped and bottlefeed our baby. I double-pumped constantly every 2-3 hours and 4-5 overnight to encourage and keep my milk supply up and it was very draining on me. I remained positive and reminded myself I was doing it for our baby and that made it all seem worthwhile.

Some tips I took from my lactation consultant to help with your supply:

  1. Make sure you eat well, with a nutritionally balanced diet
  2. Drink lots and lots of water - remember, breastmilk is fluid and that fluid has to come from somewhere!
  3. Pump as often as you can - As Meg mentioned, in most countries, you have the absolute right to breastfeed or pump without prejudice.
  4. Massage your breasts before pumping to encourage let down and whilst you are pumping to help it along. Hot towels or showering beforehand will also help
  5. Take fenugreek - apparently this helps your supply along
  6. Eat a bowl of oatmeal everyday - Oatmeal is is a good source of iron. It is known that maternal anemia/low iron levels can result in a decreased milk supply
  7. When you pump, be near your baby or look at a picture of your baby - it's amazing how even thinking of your baby can trigger your hormones (I used to laugh when people told me you could let down when you hear other babies cry - but now it happens to me!!)
  8. Be relaxed and minimise your stress when pumping. Choose a quiet place to pump, without distractions

It took us just over 2 months to reach established breastfeeding after a lot of perseverance and dedication (not to mention pain!), but finally we got here. But remember, if you need to supplement with formula, it's not a bad thing - don't feel guilty, you're doing what's best for your baby and your sanity is important too.


answered 30 Oct '09, 12:50

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Thsnk you so much for all of your suggestions, I am eager to try some of these new things!

(30 Oct '09, 12:57) Becky 1

I also took Fenugreek, just remember you have to take 2 doses 3 times a day, it's a lot, but in less than a week you should notice a difference.

(01 Nov '09, 21:19) Sabrina

You might see if Power Pumping works for you. Basically, you set aside an hour or two a day and pump for 10 minutes then rest for 10 minutes and repeat. I had really low milk supply and this is one of the few things that actually seemed to make a difference for me .


answered 30 Oct '09, 12:35

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Thank you, did you have to go long periods of time where you couldnt pump? And did that seem sufficiant by doing that?

(30 Oct '09, 12:39) Becky 1

No, for some reason my milk never really came in. Even with pumping ever 2 hrs and doing a couple of weekends of "boot camp power pumping" I never managed to get more than 12 oz/day. However, power pumping definitely helped the most so maybe it would work for your situation also. I do want to encourage you not to feel like you've failed your baby if you just can't get enough milk. I'm still a little bitter that my baby is formula fed but I've been working on accepting that the important thing is he's a happy, healthy baby. Good luck!

(30 Oct '09, 13:14) Kiesa ♦

Oh, and that website I linked to has a lot of other ideas that you might also try.

(30 Oct '09, 13:15) Kiesa ♦

Pump first thing in the morning, it is when you will get the most output and definitely check to see what the laws are in your state, you may be able to get a pump break.


answered 09 Nov '09, 14:49

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