I actually already know whether or not I will get my son circumcised, but I wanted to ask this question anyway.

Aside from religious reasons, what are some good arguments for getting my son circumcised? Is it only "to look like everyone else (locker room theory)" or are there medical benefits?

In contrast, what are some reasons to not get him circumcised?

I realize this probably differs by country and culture; while I am in the United States, I am very interested to see how other people in other countries and cultures view this.

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Matthew Jones
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What do you mean by "to look like everyone else"? Is everyone in the states circumcised? (I ask because I don't know)

(31 Oct '09, 00:04) JJJ

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shouldn't this question be closed for the same reason? http://moms4mom.com/questions/1904

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@Juan: People were following the principle a little better over there.

(14 Dec '09, 10:14) Scott ♦♦

I am a fan of Dr Dean Edell and I agree with his point of view that it isn't good anymore. I don't want that to come across as angry, or bullish and I fully respect the rights and beliefs of those who prefer circumcision. But my belief is the penis comes that way, and barring any religious or cultural decisions, it should stay that way.



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womenshealth.gov has a pretty good overview of the risks and benefits from a medical perspective:

There are medical benefits and risks to circumcision. Possible benefits include:

  • A lower risk of urinary tract infections (UTIs). Keep in mind that UTIs affect only 1 percent or less of men who are not circumcised.
  • A lower risk of penile cancer. Keep in mind that penile cancer is very rare in both men who are or are not circumcised.
  • A possible lower risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Keep in mind that practicing safe sex, including using a condom, is the best protection against STIs.

The risks of circumcision include:

  • Pain. If you decide to have your baby circumcised, you can ask that a numbing medicine be put on your baby's penis to lessen the pain.
  • A low risk of bleeding or infection.

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(30 Oct '09, 22:37) Scott ♦♦

I am a man that was circumcised at birth. But, as I got older I lost a lot of sensitivity in my penis and had a harder time staying hard and it took me a longer and longer to ejaculate during sex. I learned about circumcision and what it does when I was researching for my prostate surgery. I immediately began restoring my foreskin.

I have since restored my foreskin and life is good again. Sex is much better. I can stay erect as long as I want until I orgasm. My wife used to get sore from sex and we needed lubricant. Now, she does not get sore and we don't need lubricant. We both enjoy sex a whole lot more.

The big difference is before, I had no foreskin because of my circumcision. Now, I have a restored foreskin. I wish my parents had not chosen to circumcise me.


answered 31 Oct '09, 22:17

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Restoring Tally
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+1 for sharing your story. Good luck with your quest. :-)

(01 Nov '09, 00:05) Scott ♦♦

I am not asking a question, but thinking that what is really important (in my opinion) is this, *if you are a circumcised male,

  • Were you old enough to make our own decision about it?
  • Are you more likely to have your son circumsised if you are circumcised? .
  • Would you let him decide about it?
  • Is it your religious belief that asks you for this?

Perhaps making the right choice for your child means freeing yourself totally from the points above. I think that this is one the of issues where arguments for and against can be equal in weight and about having the choice. It seems that the Jewish and the Islamic religion naturally expect that males to be circumsised, while others who have their own free choice decide to do so for their own reasons.

So if you are circumcised or are a devoutly religious parent, perhaps maybe you could put off or delay circumsision until your son is old enough to understand the benefits & implications and make his own decision and support him with what ever he decides.


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On the other hand, circumcision for medical reasons is, I suspect, rather less painful as a baby/young child than as an adult.

(31 Oct '09, 14:59) Jon Skeet

Yes, I think you are right!

(31 Oct '09, 15:21) Emi

In the UK circumcision is only routine amongst those for whom it has religious significance. There is a good set of pages on the NHS (National Health Service) website which contains much the same information given by others here. Interesting really that most Brits take a different route from most Americans, based on the same information. I suppose that's the effect of culture and the locker room pressure to be the same.


answered 31 Oct '09, 13:27

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Meg Stephenson
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same in Australia. Most hospitals have routine counseling for parents wanting to have their child undergo this procedure. In our generation, the majority of boys are circumsised, but since the 70's has changed dramatically and now the procedure is really only performed in the very small minority of baby boys for the "just like dad", medical or religious reasons http://www.circinfo.org/

(02 Nov '09, 00:10) Lin
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