My friend's baby sleeps in a sleep sack right on his sheet/mattress with no blankets. My 2 month old is still wrapped in a blanket when he sleeps. At what point do I have to worry about suffocation? When should I lay him down without a blanket?

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As far as FSID is concerned, unless the room is too hot, there is no problem with putting a blanket in the cot with your baby. They recommend tucking it under the bottom of the mattress and putting the baby in the feet to foot position so he can't pull the blankets over his head or wriggle down under them.

Baby sleeping bags are less hassle because there is no way baby can pull it over his head wherever you've put him down, but they are often quite expensive.

If you are using a blanket to wrap your baby as a sort of DIY sleeping bag, I suppose you have to decide how confident you are that your baby won't undo it and pull it over his head. You know your baby's capabilities better than anyone.


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Our daughter was swaddled with a light blanket until about 5 months old. She couldn't sleep otherwise. Once she got to the point that she was getting herself out of it pretty easily, we just put the blanket over her by that point she had pretty good control of her arms and could easily move the blanket around. She's always slept with a blanket. The nurses at the hospital told us simply to use a light blanket so that she doesn't overheat and to never cover her past her shoulders.


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If it's necessary to use a blanket to keep your baby warm, you can use a knit blanket that's "holey" so there is less concern about the blanket cutting off the baby's air supply.


answered 02 Nov '09, 18:19

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