We just got back from Trick-or-Treating and I realized that we got a TON of candy! I am definitely not going to feed it to my child and I do not want to eat it either. We gave our child one piece and he was off the wall hyper so this can not happen anymore! Any good ideas about what to do with all this candy beside throwing it all away?

asked 01 Nov '09, 05:43

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You can take some to work and put them in a bowl on your desk. Let people know they're free to take some.


answered 01 Nov '09, 12:17

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+1 For the nice suggestion, thinking of co-workers :)

(01 Nov '09, 13:41) Emi

I agree with Scott, my husband takes it to work and gives it away. Although this year I have neighbors who I'm sure would be overly happy to take the extra candy off my hands.

(01 Nov '09, 21:59) Sabrina

You could donate these excess candies to local charities & hospitals depending on the amount and type of candies you have accumalated. Christmas is approaching they could come in handy for them if they are not typically Halloween candies.

We normally give out any excess candies and sweets to people around us. This includes delivery men, porters, and to employees in local shops in our neighbourhood.


answered 01 Nov '09, 08:31

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Also to the local Daycares is a good place to take it. --Great Idea Emi

(01 Nov '09, 21:37) Mary
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