I have an 11 week old baby and both my husband and I will be getting our H1N1 vaccine this week.

However, I am going to a family wedding shower next weekend and was originally going to bring my baby with me. What are the risks of bringing him vs. not bringing him, as the chances are that most people there would not have gotten the vaccine yet?

Would it be safe if I was the only one to hold him and ensure my hands were constantly sanitized, or should I just leave him at home?

Facts, please!

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I'd suggest calling your pediatrician's office and asking their advice. Regarding how H1N1 spreads, the CDC implies it's mainly from airborne causes so limiting physical contact may not be enough:

Spread of 2009 H1N1 virus is thought to occur in the same way that seasonal flu spreads. Flu viruses are spread mainly from person to person through coughing or sneezing by people with influenza. Sometimes people may become infected by touching something – such as a surface or object – with flu viruses on it and then touching their mouth or nose.

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Good question. There are also a couple other questions about the H1N1 on here, all tagged swing-flu.


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My motherinlaw is a chemist, and she just sent me some official notes from Swine Flu Conference held in a Medical Faculty a University Hospitals here in Istanbul last week. The title read "simple but effective ways of prevention against Swine Flu". You may find thes points to be useful to know.

Here are some suggestions;

  1. Hands should be washed frequently Cleveland Clinic

  2. Hands of the face. Unless you are bathing, eating or tending to scars around the face area, you should avoid touching your face at all times.Cleveland Clinic

  3. Gargling with Listerine or salty water twice a day. This is something that has doctors for it Dr Wyn Andrew and against it Norfolk Health Department

  4. Cleaning noses by blowing or use of salt water This is something that has doctors for it Dr Wyn Andrew and against it Norfolk Health Department

  5. Strengthen your immune systems Boost your natural immunity with foods that are rich in vitamin C

  6. Increasing intake of hot beverages also has doctors for Dr Donna Barsky and doctors who disagree Dr Randy Taplitz with it.

On a final note, I would just like to add that I think its interesting that doctors state gargling has not been proved to be effective in the case of influenza, even if it hasn't I think it still could be helpful to do so. As a young woman I suffered form Chronic Tonsilitus and after having them removed I was told to gargle with salt/water several times a day by my GP and operating doctor. Years later after having a wisdom tooth out with a couple of stitches I was also told by my Dentist to do the same, so that makes me think that perhaps gargling can be helpful ??


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There's some concern that these suggestions have been going around the internet as an urban legend. Here's some more info at Snopes: http://www.snopes.com/medical/swineflu/prevent.asp Not that I'm saying Snopes is the bastion of truth by any means, but in this case they do have references. ;-)

(01 Nov '09, 23:59) Scott ♦♦

This website seems to be repeating it: http://www.livewellamerica.org/blog/?p=478 And they don't even have a way to post a comment to question the authenticity. More info: http://www.kidk.com/news/health/67380912.html

(02 Nov '09, 00:12) Scott ♦♦

@ Scott Thanks alot for your points, I think this calls for some serious editing :) I was in such a hurry to share it ....

(02 Nov '09, 12:02) Emi
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